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The Road to Becoming a Magic Warrior

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The Road to Becoming a Magic Warrior[1]
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An introduction for those who wish to become a wizard warrior. Recommended for beginner explorers.

Obtain From Piaras, Aeira, River Sahagin Ranger
Homestead Fishing Event
Price 100
Tradability Tradable
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All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

- The Road to Becoming a Magic Warrior -
written by Paidoles

1. Introduction

Many of those who seek adventure in Erinn learn combat skills to fight against wild animals and monsters. Anyone who has attended the Tir Chonaill school knows that Combat Mastery and Defense skill which you can learn from Ranald, or the Smash skill you can learn from Ferghus are essential skills for a warrior.

However, if you actually engage in battle, you realize that these skills are not enough. Especially when you fight stronger wolves or bears, you'll learn quickly that you need more training.

This also applies when you fight in a Party. When you're fighting as a group, you need to strategize your attacks. Having someone who can use long range weapons is crucial to contain the enemy so that others can easily attack.

However, if the long range attack misses, or the enemy defends it, you'll be lying on the ground helpless.

These situations are beyond your level of skill, but a lot of intangible factors play a part.

Is there a way to fully protect oneself without the risk of running into danger? Is there a way to attack regardless of what skill the enemy of if a long range attack misses?

The answer to these questions are found in this book: To become a Magic Warrior.

2. Learn the Icebolt

The most basic magic in Erinn is the Icebolt. There are two ways to learn this skill.

One is learning it directly from the Tir Chonaill school through Lassar.

The second option is buying the Icebolt book from Lassar, the Tir Chonaill school teacher, or Stewart, the Dunbarton school teacher.

The first option will require you to take three classes, one each day, but it will be relatively cheap. Buying the book yourself is quite expensive; however, once you read the book, you can obtain the skill.

Choose whichever method suits your situation and learn the skill, and then we'll begin the real training in becoming a Magic Warrior.

3. Pros and Cons of the Icebolt

One of the biggest advantages of the Icebolt that is has a 100% accuracy. This is true for all magic skills. Unlike long-range attacks, magic attacks will always hit your target.

Another advantage is that, once Icebolt is charged, it is ready to be used. You can charge Icebolt up to 5 consecutive times, and you can carry it with you and use it at any given time.
Unlike crossbows, the Icebolt can be fired instantly, which means that even if the first bolt is blocked, you can immediately fire another bolt.

Finally, the Icebolt attack doesn't use any Stamina. Icebolt only uses Mana, so even if you're low on Stamina from other attacks, you can use it effectively.

However, Icebolt does have disadvantages as well.

First, once you charge the bolts, you cannot use regular attacks until you use all the Icebolts first. Therefore, make sure you charge enough to defeat an opponent, or have a strategy on how you will continue on with regular attacks.

Second, it doesn't have good range. It is similar to the Short Bow, but it is shorter compared to the long bow or the Composite bow.

Lastly, Icebolt may not work with boss level monsters. Some of the monsters have a high tolerance to magic, so your attacks will be useless.

Now that we've gone over the pros and cons about this attack, let's go over how to actually use it during combat.

4. How to Effectively Use the Skill

A great Magic Warrior incorporates magic and regular combat skills effectively. A Magic Warrior's combat skills aren't as strong as pure Warriors and their magic skills are as advanced as pure Wizards; they are more of an all-around fighter who can adapt to any circumstance.

Book magicfighter.png

In the most situations, this is how Magic Warriors engage in combat.

  • Use a weapon for a regular attack.
  • Charge the magic while the opponent is down.
  • When the opponent gets up to attack, use the magic attack to startle them, then use regular attack again.

When facing most monsters, Icebolt rank F is strong enough to handle them.
One thing you need to keep in mind is that, if your Icebolt rank is low, it will take longer for you to charge the bolt. Therefore, you might need to charge immediately once the opponent is knocked down.

Another thing to watch out for is that if you use the magic attack while your opponent is in 'transparent mode' (when your opponent is getting back up after getting knocked down), it will simply fall back to the ground again. You should know if you took Ranald's combat class that it is not smart to attack an opponent while it is in 'transparent mode'. Therefore it is a good idea to keep a good distance between you and your opponent when using magic attacks.

Therefore, you need to carefully consider these two factors when you charge the magic while the enemy is down.

  • You must charge the attack before the enemy gets up and attacks you.
  • You must keep a good distance so that you don't strike the enemy while it is in 'transparent mode'.

Depending on the monster, you will either need to charge first, then move to a distance, or get to a good distance and then charge.
However, once you master this strategy, you will be able to take down monsters without getting hit.

5. Types of Magic Warriors

There are different types of Magic Warriors. There are ones who favor close range combat while others rely more on their magic skills.

The close combat types usually train the Combat Mastery and Critical Hit skill, and use their low level Icebolt skill just to stall their opponents. Critical Hit skill applies to weapons and magic as well, so it is a very useful skill to train. However, a low level Icebolt will take longer to charge, so you must calculate that into your strategy.

To become a Melee Magic Warrior, it is best to train from a young age where you grow and get stronger quickly.

Intellectual Magic Warriors train the Icebolt skill to a high level. They are able to quickly charge 2-3 Icebolts easily, and use it as their main attack. They will often learn the Firebolt or Lightning bolt skill as well.

To become a Intellectual Magic Warrior, it is best to train in your teens where your intellect and skills develop the fastest. Also, though it is not directly useful for combat, it is good to read as many educational books as you can to increase your intellect.

Also, the Two-Handed Sword, which is every warrior's dream weapon, is perfect for the Magic Warrior. Since Magic Warriors spend more time training magic, this weapon will make up for your low combat skills because it is a powerful weapon.

6. Conclusion

Magic Warriors don't need the heavy duty armor, or need to worry about Mana or Stamina because they are an all-around fighter. Their versatility is useful whether fighting alone or fighting in a Party. This is probably why many traveler's in Erinn are already on the path on becoming a Magic Warrior.

I hope I've shown you the benefits becoming a Magic Warrior...what are you waiting for? You don't have time to waste! You have a lot of training to do to if you want to be the greatest adventurer in Erinn.