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The Story of a Lizard

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The Story of a Lizard[1]
1 × 2
The tale about a lizard which lost its mate and its strange fate.

Obtain From Aeira
Price 400
Tradability Tradable
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All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

- A Story of a Little Lizard -
Written by Gilean

There was a pair of lizards that lived in the grassland near a river. They loved each other deeply. They were very happy and content with their lives... until humans entered their turf.

The humans viciously cut down trees and overturned rocks and soil. They built a farmland that drew all of the energy out from the ground. The waste from the animals that were used by humans were polluting the river that the lizards were living in. They couldn't live there much longer.

One day, the lizards discovered a monster who was hurt near their home. They offered the monster some food and drink and provided a place for it to rest.

The monster offered to grant the lizards three wishes out of gratitude.

The lizards did not expect this and were very excited. The first lizard asked the monster to restore the river that was becoming polluted by humans.

The next lizard asked for its wish. The lizard complained that ever since humans showed up they haven't been able to sleep peacefully. His wish was to have many eyes so that they can spot predators easily. The monster granted both of their wishes.

There was one wish left. The lizards said that they will get back to the monster after they discuss it. The monster disappeared as it told the lizards to come back to him once they make up their mind.

As the second lizard feared, that night, humans came to the lizard's habitat. The second lizard, which now had many eyes, was able to spot them quickly and run to safety. However, the other lizard could not...

The lizard with many eyes remembered that they had one more wish and went to visit the monster. However, he wasn't easy to find.

The lizard continued searching and finally found the monster. The lizard asked the monster to raise its partner back to life.

However, the monster answered with a stern voice...that life and death was out of his control. Anything else he could do, except that.

The lizard with many eyes was saddened and discouraged.

The lizard thought for a long time and finally asked for its last wish. To never forget this feeling and have revenge on humans. His last wish was to have the power to punish the humans.

The lizard's wish was granted as the lizard grew as big as a human being and its form changed. The lizard came out of the dungeon and began pouring its wrath and judgment on anyone who came near its territory or polluted the river.

A long time passed. Its descendants continued on the lizard's mission, appearing in swamps and forests condemning humans. The feeling of revenge stayed with them at all times as they were able to close all their eyes but never sleep...

People began calling the lizard by the name, Argus.

...Where did it all go wrong One thing is clear...only if it knew that the feeling of vengeance only ruins yourself. Perhaps there will have never been an

...or maybe this was all in the monster's plan.