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The Tir Chonaill Environs

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The Tir Chonaill Environs[1]
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Tir Chonaill environmental guide for travelers.

Obtain From Aeira (Dunbarton)
Price 500
Tradability Tradable
Effects Int + 1
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All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.
- The Environment of Tir Chonaill -

written by Eamon

1. Geography

Tir Chonaill is located on the hillside north east of Ulaid, on the edge of the Mourne mountains. It is the home to a small group of isolated people. To get to Tir Chonaill, you need to go through a dangerous mountain road, and when there is heavy rain, this town often gets cut off from other cities. On the northwest side of the town, it is surrounded by mountains, and there is a graveyard on the north side of town. There is a reservoir on the south side that supports the farmland, and on the east, there is a Windmill/Water mill that provides water to the reservoir as well as mill crops. In the southeast area, a bit far off from the town, there is a Blacksmith where you can buy weapons.

2. Hydrosphere

The main source of water in Tir Chonaill is the Adelia stream. This stream flows down from Moonhide gorge on the eastern side of Mourne mountains. The melted snow from the mountains and rain sustain this stream. The Adelia stream is named after the nun who worked with Saint Isla, and it is also called the Tears of Saint Adelia as well. The Adelia stream is not only a source of water, but provides for many other activities for the town's people.

3. Scenery

Tir Chonaill is considered a high altitude climate. This implies that the fog, rain, snow, and the low temperatures are not related to the region's latitude but its altitude. It's not extremely cold here, but it is still pretty chilly and continues like this all year. The moisture that comes from the western side of Ulaid gets caught in the Mourne mountains and Tir Chonaill, bringing a lot of rain to town. Sometimes, the heavy rain destroys the already difficult to travel road that leads into town. The soil here is generally very fertile, but the low temperature along with the heavy rain make it a difficult place to farm. People refer to the cold northwest wind that flows from the gorge the fickleness of the Northwest God.