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Fomor Language, how much of it is Irish?

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So, a lot of phrases that crop up using "Fomorian Language" tend to resemble butchered Irish.'Dorcha' a word that comes up multiple times in Mabinogi is spelt 3 different ways. "Lohallan" in The Book of Revenge was meant to say Lochlann, and "Moitura" was meant to say Mag Tuireadh in The Second Book of Revenge. They're are examples of the poor localization quality in G1 due to a lack of research, and being direct translations from the Korean text, I assume. For example, The Irish word for Darkness has been spelt "Dorcha" (Chain Blade skills) "Darkha" (Cichol's Spell) "Dorca" (Dorca Feadhain) The correct spelling is Dorcha, the most recently used one, which in Korea was spelt 도르카 (Doleuka), and without proper knowledge of Irish, "Dorca" and "Darkha" both seem like reasonable translations.

Interestingly, with only basic Irish knowledge I managed to get a phrase that seemed to make sense out of one of the phrase "Dorca Feadhain", although Google Translate is unreliable and seems to be running on guesswork half the time, putting the phrase "An feadhain dorcha" into Irish -> to English Translate brought back the phrase "The Dark Ones." which with it's context, makes perfect sense. However as stated, Google translate is unreliable, I researched and found the more grammatically correct way to use this phrase would be "Na feadhna dorcha", Apparently Feadhain is a word to mean "troops" or something, but it might be old fashioned and unused.

The other phrases I weren't so successful with, however some of them did appear to use misused Irish words that with context made some sense, and I'm VERY curious as to what the Korean Dialogue originally said. (Note: I'm pretty sure the Golem's spell is genuinely magical nonsense, though.)

This makes me curious about how much of the Original Korean text was edited for localization purposes (I get the feeling if they used the phrase "The Dark Ones" in Korea, it was probably changed here for political reasons) and how much of the Korean!Irish matches up to the Korean Text. How much of these details were simply lost in translation? I have no way of acquiring this information though, and with very poor Korean and Irish speaking skills I wouldn't be able to get very far. Is there anyone out there with time to waste and an interest in tiny, insignificant details who also wants to learn more? I'm wanting to find out what the "Fomorian" phrases were in the Korean version of Mabinogi, and what they "translated" to in the Korean version of the game. Was it all fantasy nonsense, or is it actually Irish?

MasterGiegue (talk)06:24, 28 December 2018