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For the weapons made by the Fomors, see Fomor Weapons.
For the Shadow Mission, see Fomor Attack.
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Fomorians (commonly referred as Fomors or Monsters) are a foreign race led by their God and King, Cichol, to create utter chaos upon the land of Erinn. Their God believes in destroying every "irrational idea" and wants "everything to reset and start from scratch, fair and square," which is why the Fomorians try to "reshape" Erinn under Cichol's image. It was mentioned that the Fomorians were formerly led by Balor.

Fomors often produce Fomor Scrolls which is used to possess creatures on the continent of Uladh. These Scrolls are mostly found on animals, objects, spirits or the undead.

Currently, there are no known Fomorians inhabiting the land of Iria, however Cichol had supposedly extracted Shadow Ghosts from Metus.

It is known that Fomorian's currency are Ducats. However, they often carry Gold because it is what Glas Ghaibhleann, a creature that the Fomorians are trying to resurrect, feeds on.

Some Humans despised Morrighan and lost their faith in her. Therefore, they became Dark Knights and allied themselves with the Fomorians.

Fomors were the one who introduced Alchemy, however Humans stole the knowledge for their own greed. According to Dorren, Humanity should never have learned Alchemy due to its hidden, lethal potential.

Many years ago, Fomorians were at war with the Partholons. Eventually, the opposing race was wiped out by a plague brought upon by their God and Morrighan. However, Morrighan turned against the Fomorians, fearing they would grow too powerful.
Throughout Generations 1 through 10, they were at war with the Tuatha de Danann and the Milletians. However, despite this conflict, some wished for all three groups to coexist peacefully, with a human even raising four goblins who wished to be like their "father". In Generation 11, however, Cichol decided to ally with their enemies as his race was supposedly in danger. This, however, seemed to spike some rebellion.
In the same aforementioned Generation, Cichol supposedly dies. In Generation 15, it was revealed that his believed death had sprang out fear amongst his kind. A few ended their antagonist ways and agreed to coexist with Humanity, while the rest either remained confused or retained their wicked path. These coexisting Fomors reside on the island of Belvast, but several Goblins, Ogres, and Imps have stationed themselves within every town of Uladh and founded Commerce.
For an unknown reason, in The Saga: Iria, several Fomors have allied themselves with the Cessair organization.

Known Fomorian Phrases


Track Title
The Dream of the Goddess
Cutscenes involving a Great Evil


  • In Irish Mythology, Fomorians were semi-divine humanoid creatures who inhabited Ireland. It is said that they were capable of killing Gods.
  • Fomors are sometimes called Demons in oversea servers.
  • Despite that Fomorians do not inhabit Iria, several monsters that are native to both Iria and Uladh (such as White Spiders) drop Fomor Scrolls.
    • This is likely a developer oversight.
  • Fomor Scrolls appear to be based off of Paper Talisman (such as Senjafuda 千社札, Ofuda 御札, Fulu 符箓, or Bujeok 부적).