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A Scene Beyond the Veil NPCS

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On my first character, I noticed only 5 NPCs give responses that are at all informative. On my 2nd character I tried talking to only those 5 characters, and that was sufficient to complete the "Question people in Emain Macha" step in this quest. On my third character I tried the same 5 characters in a different order, and that also worked.

Here's the 2 orders that worked for me:

  • Delen, Nele, Osla, Aodhan, Agnes.
  • Agnes, Delen, Nele, Osla, Aodhan.

I've now run out of characters to test it with. The obvious question is whether some set of 4 NPCs would have been sufficient. So if anyone wants to experiment it would be good to test one of the other 3 cyclic rearrangements of the above and report back. That is, try one of these:

  • Nele, Osla, Aodhan, Agnes, Delen.
  • Osla, Aodhan, Agnes, Delen, Nele.
  • Aodhan, Agnes, Delen, Nele, Osla.

If it is possible to complete with only 4 NPCs, one of those cases will probably complete before you speak to the 5th NPC.

Librarian (talk)05:52, 28 January 2019