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Siora's name meaning

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While the Trivia offers Siora's name coming from Síoraí (eternal), another native feminine Irish given name is Siofra/Síobhra, which means Changeling/Fairy/Elf, which matches up to the KR definition of Siora's name meaning "Fairy." This is quite a mouthful of an explanation so I'd like to discuss it here before making any changes to existing trivia.

MasterGiegue (talk)21:30, 5 September 2021

I agree with you entirely. Problem with all of it is parsing what KR meant, and honestly no one might know anymore since the book in-game is very old now. I've added it for you under the existing trivia since it can just be added on. In the very long-run we might need to move Siora's page if they ever reveal her real name, which I have a suspicion it might be Medb for a number of reasons.

Lint (talk)21:49, 5 September 2021