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Race Fairy
Gender Female
Occupation Queen of Fairies


Personal Story

Siora is the Queen of fairies. She bestowed the power of spirits to Lugh, giving him the ability of the Paladin. She watched over the forest of Fiodh, and Mag Mell, as its ruler. As is common with fairies, Siora held promises at the utmost importance.

She and her kin had a great distrust of humans, for Partholonians had already went against the gods in the past. Lugh led his group to her during the Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh, in order to give shelter to his men. She accepted their stay at Lugh's demand, with one condition: that they would not touch the Mother Tree. Lugh promised her that they would not.

While Siora was out, one day, humans cut down the mother tree located in the middle of the forest. The tears caused by her grief turned Fiodh into an inhospitable maze; the humans were not welcome anymore. Lugh, stricken by the betrayal of humans, came back to her and relinquished his armor to her. She then left Mag Mell, and Erinn altogether, giving up on humans.

Her powers are the source of Tech Duinn's mists. [1]


  • Siora is a name from síora or síoraí, meaning eternal.
  • The book The Forgotten Legend of Fiodh Forest explains that Siora is not her real name, because only Lugh was capable of pronouncing her real one.
    • The NA book suggests that Siora means Imp.
      • The KR book suggests that Siora (시오라) means 요정을, which could refer to a number of supernatural beings but most obviously Fairy.
      • Alternatively, this could suggest that Siora's false name is supposed to be Síofra (which means elf, changeling, or sprite).
  • She is described as being tall.