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90 5 Stars is Possible

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I had a lot of trouble with getting the quest done that requires 90 tamed monsters with 5 Stars I have edited a bunch so that others dont have the trouble I did digging through the monsters to find out which one is the 5 Star or even tamable since due to the revamp many of the original monsters are no longer tamable unless you use an alternative source. Though I am still left with the issue of a few monsters that I just could not figure out. So if anyone has done the work to tame these monsters let me know please or just edit the wiki. Banshee and Cyclops I cannot even find low enough CP to tame at all the rest I simply can't find 5 Star options. Cloaker, White, Grendel, Troll, Ghoul, Grumbill, Gremlin, Wolf, Kobold, and Bat. If you know the location of any of these monsters that are good alternatives to the original taming options and will provide 5 stars please edit the page.

Imogean (talk)15:13, 2 February 2019