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Taming Journal

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Taming Journal.png

Basic Info

  • The Taming Journal records the monsters the player has tamed.
    • After taming a monster, the monster's tab displays what date and time it has been tamed, where it has been tamed, and the appearance of the tamed creature.
  • Only taming via Taming Wild Animals will add to the journal; Control of Darkness does not work.
  • Taming monsters provides an amount of stars, which increases the Life Exploration Taming Cane's Magic Attack and Critical.
    • The amount of stars a category of monsters gives is dependent upon the monster in the category that was tamed.
    • The stars appear under every category of monsters after completing the entire journal.
  • Monsters with no data whatsoever are denoted with "(?)".
    • Monsters with this symbol appended to them have not been tested in any way. It is unknown if they are even tamable, and if they are tamable, it is unknown what journal entry they belong to, if any.
  • Monsters confirmed as tamable but not actually tamed to confirm what entry they apply to are listed in italics.
    • If a monster gives the system message "The animal seems to be untamable", it cannot be tamed under any circumstances and should be removed from the table.
    • If a monster gives the system message "You failed to tame the animal", it can be tamed and should be listed in italics. This will indicate that the monster can indeed be tamed, but that the category to which it belongs is in question and should be looked into further.
  • Monsters confirmed to have a 5-star rating are listed in bold.
    • If a monster is not listed in bold, that does not necessarily mean it does not have a 5-star rating. Only confirmed 5-star ratings are bolded.
  • Hardmode monsters affect monsters' star ratings. Shadow Mission and Theatre Mission difficulty settings, however, do not.

Fynni Gem

The varieties of Fynni Gems

Inside each monster and animal, listed in the Taming Journal, resides the Fynni a type of fairy. With the help of the Fynni Catching skill, the Fynni is cast out as a Fynni Gem.

  • Only after completing the quest [Pet Training] A Glimmering Curiosity and obtaining the skill Fynni Catching, a Fynni Gem icon will appear above certain monsters.
  • Not every monster will have a Fynni Gem above their name.
  • Fynni Gems are categorized by different grades and are set apart by different colors.
  • Each monster and animal belongs in a particular group in which the Gem will take its name; foxes of every type will drop a Fynni Gem: Fox. However, some animals and monsters will also fall under the name of one particular group of which it does not resemble. For example, a Black Porcupine will drop a Fynni Gem: Armadillo.
  • Conveniently, the rest of monsters and animals will only drop the Fynni Gem with the same name; a Banshee will drop a Fynni Gem: Banshee.

Collection Entries

Fynni/Monster Applies To Grade Description Notes
Raccoon Journal.png
E These cute, chubby animals can easily be found in the central region of Uladh. Try taming the younger ones first. -
Armadillo Journal.png
E Armadillos have hard, stone-like shells. They defend themselves by rolling into a ball. They're easily found in the Connous region. -
Fox Journal.png
E The common fox can be found throughout Uladh, and occasionally on the Snowfields of Physis. Younger ones are easier to tame. -
Rat Journal.png
E These animals can be found anywhere that people reside. Since they're also found in dungeons, they can likely coexist with Fomors. Does not include Rat Men, Pocket Mice or Cave Rats.
Spider Journal.png
E A Spider's cobweb can be created with the Weaving skill. You can find spiders of various colors throughout Uladh. -
Mimic Journal.png
- The Mimic disguises itself as a box and uses the element of surprise to attack its victims. Always check before you open a box in a dungeon. Mimics must be woken before they can be tamed.
Desert Ghost Journal.png
D Be careful when you meet someone in the desert of Connous. The desert claims many victims, and not all of their souls find peace. Refers to Desert Ghosts. Does not include any other type of Ghost.
Bat Journal.png
D Bats can be found deep within dungeons and caves. Giant Bat (hardmode) gives 4 stars
Millipede Journal.png
D Millipedes might look disgusting, but they're not actually threatening. They live in humid areas, like caves or underground tunnels. -
Flying Sword Journal.png
Flying Sword
C Flying Swords are weapons possessed by evil, dark magic. They also cast spells. Exercise caution. -
Goblin Journal.png
D Goblins are some of the weakest Fomors around. But don't underestimate them. There are a few that are abnormally powerful. -
Golem Journal.png
C At rest, they look like a pile of stones. When an enemy appears, however, they reform into a stone giant. You can find them on Ceo Island and Ciar dungeon. Rumor has it that a magic, special Golem exists within Longa dungeon. The Summon Golem skill does not count. You may not tame a Golem summoned by another player.(?)
Kobold Journal.png
D Kobolds are easily found in dungeons. Sometimes they form groups to invade nearby towns. Occasionally, they can be found working in the mines. They're highly social, even with meager intelligence. There are currently no known Kobold's that give 5 Stars. Red Kobold gives 3 stars
Mongoose Journal.png
E Mongoose are fierce mammals, fast enough to catch snakes. You can find them in Iria. -
Penguin Journal.png
E Though Penguins cannot fly, they are phenomenal swimmers. In the past, they could be found off the coast of Physis. Now they are only in the Par ruins. -
Kiwi Journal.png
E Kiwis are rare birds identifiable by their stubby wings and long, thin beaks. They are their name from the sound they make. They can be found occasionally in lightly traveled parts of Rano or Connous. -
Scorpion Journal.png
D Scorpions use poison to attack and defend themselves. They can be found in extreme environments, such as the deserts of Connous or the volcanic region of Zardine. -
Dingo Journal.png
E Dingos look very similar to wolves. They are native to Uladh, but now they can only be found in Physis. Includes the Dingoes in Tir Na Nog.
Wolf Journal.png
E Wolves are carnivorous pack animals. They can be found anywhere in Uladh continent. They might attack if you get too close, so be careful. -
Snake Journal.png
D Snakes might not have legs, but they've adapted well. They can be found in forests, dungeons, and deserts. Some have dangerous venom. Exercise caution. Includes Cobras and Pythons.
Gremlin Journal.png
C Small, human-like monsters with wings. Their enemies are Imps, and it seems like they serves Golems.
Sprite Journal.png
C Sprites are like Wisps with distinct attributes. They can be found easily in Coill Dungeon. Somewhere, there are Sprites that look wildly different. Includes all kinds of Sprites, as well as Masks. Does not include Wisps.
Skeleton Journal.png
C Like Zombies, Skeletons are undead raised by the power of evil. Unlike Zombies, Skeletons are only bones. They can be found in many different dungeons. Does not include Skeleton Animals such as the Skeleton Wolf.
Lost Cat Journal.png
Lost Cat
- Lost Cats are easy to find on city streets. They can easily be tamed because they've had owners in the past. Refers to the Lost Cats found in Tara.
Lost Dog Journal.png
Lost Dog
- Lost Dogs are easy to find on city streets. They can easily be tamed because they've had owners in the past. Refers to the Lost Dogs found in Tara.
Iguana Journal.png
- A type of lizard with thick legs and tail. Many people are enamored with iguanas since they look like little dinosaurs when they are young.
Worm Journal.png
D There has always been debate over whether worm are natural organisms. They're usually found inside dungeons. Includes Lungfish.
Coyote Journal.png
D Similar to wolves, but smaller and more intelligent. These creatures are omnivores, and can be easily found in snowy regions. -
Boar Journal.png
D They're omnivores that eat pretty much anything. They can be reckless and excitable, which makes them dangerous in the wild. Look for them in large fields or hilly areas. Bush Boars, Wild Boar, Giant Wood Boar and the Plateau Wild Boar cannot be tamed.
Beetle Journal.png
D Beetles are often named after their resemblance to jewels. There are Beetles of several different colors in the Longa Desert Ruins. -
Cow Journal.png
C You can't tame milk cows as they're already domesticated. Try taming the Buffalos near the Physis region, or the Gnu in the Rano area. Contrary to the description, NPC Cows can be tamed. Obtaining a 5-star Cow entry is only possible via taming a Monster Summoning Urn-spawned Giant Big-horned Gnu. The normal field boss spawns are untamable.
Reindeer Journal.png
D Reindeer are similar to Deer, but are both larger and have longer fur. You can find reindeer with unique antlers in the Snowfields of Physis. Does not include Deer, Buffalo, or Gnu.
Sahagin Journal.png
C These creatures have the head of a fish and can even speak. You can find them in the mines of Barri. They can self-destruct to defend themselves. Take care when attempting to tame Lost Sahuagins, as they possess Self-Destruct.
Ostrich Journal.png
E While Ostriches cannot fly, they can run at incredible speeds. Ostriches are too independent to to tame. However, you can ride them. Find them in the Snowfields. The mountable Wild Ostriches in Rano cannot be tamed.
Blue-footed Booby Journal.png
Blue-footed Booby
- A bird named for its blue legs. This is one of the few birds that lives on Belvast Island. Maybe you can get a glimspe of its wobbly walk before its flies away!
Crab Journal.png
E Crabs are easy to find near the sea. However, you can only tame the crabs that live by volcanoes. -
Capybara Journal.png
E The Capybara is a large rodent. They can be found near the volcanic region. -
Llama Journal.png
E These herbivores live in the highlands of the Nubes Mountains. While they can be raised as livestock, they're often neglected. -
Goat Journal.png
D Goats live in isolated mountain areas. Some have been domesticated and can be shared for wool. To tame a wild one, you must travel to the Nubes Mountains. Refers to the Mountain Sheep found in the Nubes Mountains. Domesticated Goats cannot be tamed.
Otter Journal.png
E Otters feed on fish from the Courcle River. They're not hostile, but they are skittish. Approach them carefully. -
Anteater Journal.png
E Anteaters use their long tongues to feed on ants. You can find them in Zardine. -
Ghost Journal.png
C No one knows what these monsters are composed of. What is known is that they're extremely powerful and hostile. Approach with extreme caution. Find them in Peaca Dungeon or the Ruins of Rano. Refers to Ghosts. Desert Ghosts will not affect this entry.
Grumbill Journal.png
C These monsters are similar to Gremlins, but not as ugly. They're almost always grumpy and lazy. They consider Imps to be their rivals. Grumbills cannot attain a 5-star rating at this time. The maximum rating is 1.
Ice Journal.png
C Blocks of ice that look like living creatures. They dwell in the Par Ruins of Iria. Why they're there remains a mystery. Refers only to enemies made of ice, found solely in Par Ruins. Ice Mimics and Small Ice Worms do not affect this entry.
Lizard Journal.png
C There giant lizards live in Iria's deserts. Approach with caution as they are extremely vicious. -
Zombie Journal.png
D Zombies are bodies that have come back from the grave. Only direct physical damage affects them, so Rangers and Mages must be cautious. Includes Bandersnatch.
Jackal Journal.png
D Jackals are carnivores similar to foxes. They can be found in dense forests such Courcle or Fiodh Dungeon. -
Rat Man Journal.png
Rat Man
E These creatures stand on two legs and closely resemble Rats. They're extremely intelligent and have the ability to speak and use magic. -
Rhino Journal.png
D Rhinos are identified by the horns on their snouts. Contrary to their appearance, Rhinos are closer to horses than cows. While normally calm, they are unstoppable when agitated. -
Bear Journal.png
E These giant carnivores come in different types and colors. They're some of the largest animals on land. You can find them on every continent. Does not include Ice Bears.
Imp Journal.png
D Imps seem to exist for the sole purpose of irritating humans. They're easily found in dungeons. Occasionally, they can be found on the outskirts of Dunbarton. -
Ogre Journal.png
B Ogres are muscular monsters with extreme strength. They're frequently found in Barri Dungeons and in castle dungeons. -
Stone Journal.png
D These massive rock monsters seem to have been modeled after different things. You can find them in the ruins of Rano. Pot-Belly Spiders and Stone Mimics do not affect this entry. The Stone Imps, Stone Zombies and Stone Bisons drop the Stone Hound Fynni Gem.
Deer Journal.png
D Bucks are like Deer, but with amazing antlers. Travel to Zardine to see for yourself. -
Hyena Journal.png
D Hyenas feed on the leftover carcasses from other predators. They are known as the cleaning crew of the wild. In reality, they are phenomenal hunters as well. They can be found in the deserts of Rano. -
Wild Dog Journal.png
Wild Dog
D Most dogs have been domesticated through living with humans, but Wild Dogs still exist in remote areas like Zardine. Wolves and Jackals do not affect this entry. Refers only to Wild Dogs.
Laghodessa Journal.png
B Laghodessas are extremely vicious Spiders. They can only be found in dungeons. It is said that people with a special gift can communicate with them. Refers only to Laghodessa. Other types of Spider do not affect this entry.
Dragonfly Journal.png
D Dragonflies are insects with excellent flying skills. You can find Giant Dragonflies in the jungles of Courcle. -
Gargoyle Journal.png
B If you see a half-human, half-animal statue with wings, it's likely a Gargoyle. They disguise themselves in order to surprise intruders. Does not include Stone Gargoyles.
Lynx Journal.png
D They look like giant house cats, but they're actually fiercely violent animals. They can be found in Courcle or in the Nubes mountains. -
Skeleton Animal Journal.png
Skeleton Animal
C These skeletal animals have been reanimated by evil energy. You can find them in dungeons or the Dragon Ruins of Gairech. -
Armor Hound Journal.png
Armor Hound
C Armor Hounds are wild dogs with armor. It's still a mystery who crafted their armor. You can find them in the Longa Desert Ruins. -
Ghoul Journal.png
B These undead monsters hunger for human flesh. They can be found inside Peaca Dungeon. -
Horse Journal.png
C Wild Horses are especially suited for running. They're also more difficult to find than their domesticated counterparts. Guardian Horse of Ruins, Mustangs, Stone Horses, Hell Steeds, Bomb Steeds, and Arahuds cannot be tamed. Stone Horses do not have the Fynni Gem icon.
Hound Journal.png
C Hounds are frequently used as hunting dogs, but they can also serve as excellent guard dogs. -
Sarracenia Journal.png
A These monsters appear as a tangle of floating vines. Whether they are plants or animals remains unknown. -
Stag Beetle Journal.png
Stag Beetle
D These beetles have huge, antler-shaped jaws. They can be found near lake Calida or Raspa Volcano. -
Gorgon Journal.png
B They're similar to cows, but with only one eye. They are hostile to people and extremely strong. -
Elephant Journal.png
D These massive creatures are the spectacle of Cenae Meadows. Their huge size, menacing tusks, and flapping ears are awe-inspiring. Taming an Elephant will prove your worth as an explorer. -
Spider Wasp Journal.png
Spider Wasp
B Are Spider Wasps actually Spiders with wings? Or are they Wasps with eight legs? Find out for yourself in the Alby Advanced Dungeon. -
Wisp Journal.png
D Wisps are balls of light that glow and float in the air. Unlike Sprites, Wisps don't have wings. -
Lycanthrope Journal.png
A Lycanthropes are people that transform into animals. It's impossible to tell what kind of people they were before transforming into their animal states. Find them in the Rabbie Basic Dungeon. -
Werewolf Journal.png
A These half-human, half-wolf monsters have forgotten their past lives. You can find them deep in Fiodh or Alby Dungeon. -
Saturos Journal.png
D Saturos a half-human, half-goat monster, lives in the underground cave that connects Rano and Vales. Be careful. This monster is known to be extremely brutal.
Succubus Journal.png
A The beautiful Succubus traps explorers with a sweet voice and a seductive appearance. For a REAL challenge, try to tame one. -
Stone Horse Keeper Journal.png
Stone Horse Keeper
B The Stone Horse Keeper watches over the Stone Horses. He might know the secret to the ruins, but he's not very talkative. -
Troll Journal.png
C Trolls use their colossal strength to prey on humans. They communicate in their own, strange-sounding language. They can be found in Gairech Hills and Math Advanced Dungeon. Does not include Bug Bears.
Gnoll Journal.png
C Gnolls have the head of a dog and the body of a human. They don't seem that intelligent and are found in Rundal Basic Dungeon. -
Siren Journal.png
A These spirits are the embodiment of the grudges and regrets of those who die by drowning. They charm their victims with beautiful music. Find these creatures by entering Rundal Dungeon with a special pass. -
Slate Journal.png
C These slabs with arms and legs can join with other slabs to increase their power. They're found in the Maiz Prairie Ruins of Iria. -
Hellhound Journal.png
B Hellhounds are creatures that guard the gate of hell. They can be found in Math Dungeon. -
Hippo Journal.png
C Hippos are large animals that like to spend their days in water and their nights on land. You can find them in Courcle. -
Cat Sith Journal.png
Cat Sith
A These half-cat, half-human creatures are extremely intelligent. Sometimes they appear as knights or wizards. They even have the ability to speak. You can find them in Rundal Dungeon. -
Incubus Journal.png
A Incubi seduce explorers with their good looks and quick talk. Eventually though, they reveal their true nature. You can find them at the end of the Castle Underground Dungeon. Incubus will only give a 5-star entry when tamed in its aggressive state.
Alligator Journal.png
C Alligators are giant amphibious reptiles. They can be found near the Courcle river. Giant Alligators can be found at Irai Falls. -
Mirror Witch Journal.png
Mirror Witch
A This creature has guarded the Mirror of Memory for a long time. You can see it by entering the Par Ruins with a Snow Crystal. Mirror Witch will only give a 5-star entry when she is tamed after her mirrors are broken through the Ice Flute.
Mummy Journal.png
B Mummies are bandaged corpses that can't find peace. You can find them in the Longa Desert Ruins. -
Ghost Servant Journal.png
Ghost Servant
B These creatures are powerful enough to enslave Ghosts. They are immensely powerful. Find them in the Longa Desert Ruins. Approach only when well prepared. -
Lizard Witch Journal.png
Lizard Witch
A These monsters have the skin of a snake and the head of a man. Such mysterious creatures are just another oddity of the Longa Desert Ruins. -
Argus Journal.png
B Argus is a giant with eyes covering his body. His 360 degree vision makes him a tough foe to surprise. You can find him in Rundal Advanced Dungeon and Fiodh Intermediate Dungeon. -
Headless Giant Journal.png
Headless Giant
A This huge beast can be found deep within Coill dungeon. It has a giant mouth where its head should be. Does this monster have a nose, eyes, or ears? -
Larva Journal.png
B The thread wrapped around their bodies make them appear to be larvae spinning cocoons. They will probably grow into something large and monstrous. You can find them in Alby Advanced Dungeon. -
Lion Journal.png
C Lions are often called the king of beasts. These large cats live in prides on the Cenae Meadows of Courcle. -
Balrog Journal.png
C The fearsome Balrogs have the wings of a dragon, the horns of a buffalo, and the mane of a horse. They carry massive swords and can be found in volcanic regions. -
Cyclops Journal.png
B These giant Cyclops resist normal attacks. They're found at the end of the Rundal Dungeon. -
Grendel Journal.png
B These monsters look like Bats, but have a bear-like body and stubby limbs. They can be found in the Alby advanced Dungeon. -
Spider Goblin Journal.png
Spider Goblin
A These monsters appear to be a cross between Spiders and Goblins. It's likely they are goblins that have been transformed into the monsters they are now. -
Bug Bear Journal.png
Bug Bear
B These monsters are similar to Trolls, but are stronger and uglier. They devour everything in sight, including humans. Find them in the Ciar Advanced Dungeon. -
Cloaker Journal.png
C Named after their flapping cloaks, Cloakers are aggressive undead monsters. -
Wight Journal.png
B These vengeful spirits come into the world by sealing themselves to corpses. They can be found only in Peaca Dungeon. -
Moth Journal.png
B Moths have an attraction to light, including campfires. Large Moths can be found deep within Peaca Dungeon. -
Cobweb Mummy Journal.png
Cobweb Mummy
A These embalmed body [sic] have been possessed by evil spirits. They look like they're wrapped in cobwebs. They're found in the Alby Advanced Dungeon. -
Banshee Journal.png
A These undead monsters are extremely powerful. Banshees appear as beautiful women with magical powers. A Banshee is the boss of Peaca Basic Dungeon and can only be hurt through special methods. Prepare thoroughly before facing her. -
Hallow Knight Journal.png
Hollow Knight
B Hollow Knights are headless soldiers that continue to fight. No one knows what power allows them to exist. Find them in the Peaca Intermediate Dungeon. -
Demi-Lich Journal.png
A Liches have reached the extreme limits of dark power over the undead. Such an incredibly strong monster requires several people to defeat. Taming a Lich is a monumental challenge. Find them in Peaca. -