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Dungeon Revamp

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So I've started taming after the Uladh dungeon revamp and I'm wondering if it made any changes to the stars of monsters tamed. For instance, I can tame a ghost cloaker in peaca basic and still only get 1 star instead of 5 for the bolded monster. Also I noticed the CPs of monsters are different than listed on wiki, likely due to the revamp, and most of them are surprisingly lower than they're listed on the wiki even though the monsters actually got stronger from the revamp. Also curious if taming a lich or banshee is impossible now because their CP has gone up quite a bit, because I've used hundreds of bait with Taming Wild Animals master title, MMO Junkie: Pokotaro's Partner second title, and taming success rate 8 echo stone, or are they just really that hard to tame?

Nedo147 (talk)03:01, 7 July 2018