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forumz r ded lol

Fragment of a discussion from Talk:Wiki Home
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This seems like the point of the discussion page to me. In my mind the comments are more like tips from the pros, the opinionated stuff we don't allow on the main article but with proper ownership, visibility, and separation from non-game stuff (ie. wiki stuff). If that's a particularly common use of commenting though then people may use our commenting system for that regardless and I don't want it to seem like we're policing comments. In these cases, what do they use the discussion page for, or do they even have one?

Timestamp is a good idea. Seems like they have a "xx years/months/weeks/days ago" type thing which is good, but I hadn't looked for it before.

Another option is dropping liquid threads and using the commenting system on the discussion page too. They'd be different comments from the main page and could fit my scheme of ig v wiki. I mean if people generally prefer a comment style thing like that, I dunno, maybe liquid threads is too cumbersome? Titles are annoying?? I dunno?

Kadalyn (talk)00:31, 3 February 2016

Separate discussion pages for articles are a wiki thing. I tend to see comment systems used by the less wiki-oriented people since comments are more visible as a "give your thoughts" method of input when people aren't trying to dedicate themselves to a discussion and just want to point something out or mention it or ask a quick question.

Things like...

"Why does this say x on the page? It says y in-game right now."

"Lol mix this item with x and your y goes up to z it's great."

"Does this come with x or do I need to do something special when I get it?"

"Man I like this item a lot but when it does x it's annoying."

"^ - Yo dawg you can turn that off in the settings."

"Hey so this thing appears to do x but it's not listed."

"^ - It's probably an effect from y if you have that equipped as well."

Of course there's going to be random comments, fanboys, spam, and stuff like that... but it's from comments like the examples that I and other users know what needs to be done on a page for further info, corrections, or clarification.

Of course with the smaller player base of Mabinogi the comment system probably won't generate as much useful info...

Rydian (talk)06:22, 3 February 2016

Is having the ability to "dedicate yourself to a discussion" even valuable?

Kadalyn (talk)12:05, 3 February 2016