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Category:Upcoming Content

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I believe the 5 items are still being categorized into Category:Upcoming Content because of the coding at the end of Template:Unreleased Content/Category. Alexandrite, for example, has a data template, but it doesn't have a string. I think if it fails to find a string, it'll put it in that category. Since it's your template I'm not going to mess with it.

Angevon (Talk)06:58, 9 January 2014

Yes, I noticed that. I actually spent a few hours trying to figure out why that is. Other gems with nearly identical pages and data pages, like the Rose Quartz, doesn't react that way. And I can't figure out what is making some gems like Alexandrite act that way. In addition, pages without strings should go in the Category:Unreleased Content, I have no idea why those particular are going into the old category, Category:Upcoming Content. I assumed it was a wiki cacheing issue.

Kapra - (Talk)16:04, 9 January 2014

It's right there in plain text...

Ikkisuki (talk)16:49, 9 January 2014