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Default vs Dyed

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Hi - I saw you replacing some images. Sometimes it can get confusing, because on the item's image gallery page, there will be Default and Dyed colors - sometimes Default will be named with (Default) but sometimes not. Anyway, just check the item's image gallery page first. I'll sort out the Altam Armor, this is just an fyi for later ^^; A lot of the image gallery pages are mixed up atm, so it can be kinda crazy xD;

Elide (talk)15:38, 5 March 2016

Ah, sorry I was only going through the "NeedImage" and "NeedIcon" pages looking for things I had that were requesting a "dyed" image version Did I misinterpret that..? > w<

Rarebank (talk)18:54, 5 March 2016

No, no, you're doing good xD It can get confusing since some items come in default colors, so it's nice to have two image versions - one with the default colors, and one dyed (like Magus Crest Outfit (F)/Images), but not all items have that so - Anyway, you're doing good - especially with some of the harder to find items, now we can see what they actually look like in game :D

Elide (talk)12:48, 6 March 2016

I knew the hoard would come in handy some day!!

Are you sure though? So often I feel like I did something wrong and like.. It's scary, this place is scary.

Rarebank (talk)10:09, 7 March 2016

It can be kinda scary at first - took me a while to feel comfortable changing what I'm able to ('course, I'm sure I've messed up something somewhere - or, like, taken 5 steps to do something that only required one step xD; ), but mainly as long as you follow the Wiki Policy and this page, you should be good. With images the big thing is making sure they're naturally .pngs - even the icons (without turning them into .gifs). Oh, and with icons, I typically try to leave just a 1 pixel space between the icon and where I crop. Again, Lexis' guide is extremely useful. So editing is mostly reading guides and being detail-oriented xD;
Er, I probably scared you off with my not-very-concise rambling. Sorry, sorry orz

Elide (talk)12:01, 8 March 2016