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In-Game Name: Dreadhawk
Known Alts: Nightsparrow, Kitaken
Server: Nao (Formerly Tarlach)
Guild: Empathy (Leader)
Channel: 6
About Me: Have played Mabi since Generation 2's release. I love all crafting and mundane tasks, especially Metallurgy. Total level 25k+. Rank 1 all skills. I play the game casually, and brute-force my way through whatever I can. I contribute where I can.
Favorite Items: War Sword. Emain Macha Blue dyes. Wedding Ring
Spirit Weapon: Talon-Dagger-Lv100 | Wingspan-Black Star-Lv45 | Plumage-Celtic Howling Chain Blade-Lv20

Dreadhawk Mugshot.jpg Town Location Dunbarton
Race Human
Age 32 Title(s) the Storm Strider

Elite Gold Adventurer

Profession Grandmaster Crafter Combat Power Over 9,000!!!
Life 3,000+ Mana 2,500+
Stamina 2,500+ Damage 560~811
Defense 316 Protection 38
Strength 1393 Intelligence 1603
Dexterity 1376 Will 1105
Luck 953 Critical 400+%
Hits 5~8 Speed Very Fast
Attacks When Provoked Element Lightning
Drops Misc Useless expiring event rewards
Equipment Celtic Royal Knight Sword, Celtic Royal Knight Sword, Dowra SE, Ego Dagger

(In order of importance)

Married to Krin. Synthesized NA Mabi's first War Sword as well as Tarlach's first 2 War Swords. Synthesized NA Mabi's first Dragon Shield. NA Mabi's first Metallurgy Rank 1 and Master. Strongest spirit dagger in NA Mabi. Greatest contributor of Metallurgy information.