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Gummi.JPG Server Mari
Race Cow Elf
Age 17-20 Title the Mine Expert
Talent {{{Talent}}} CP ???
Life 120~180 Mana 190~230
Stamina 250~350 Damage Varies Greatly
Defense 8~14 Protection 8
Strength 20~50 Intelligence 70~120
Dexterity 90~130 Will ~90
Luck 17 Critical Varies Greatly
Hits 3 (5 with flame burst) Speed Fast
Attacks Water Cannon.pngFlame Burst.pngWind Blast.pngSummon Golem.pngFrozen Blast.pngHuman Ranged Attack.pngMagnum Shot.pngCharge.pngFirebolt.pngCrash Shot.png Element Elemental Lightning.gif
Drops Misc Stone Golem Crystal, Arrows, Potato, 90g
Advice Don't Stand near her when she has flame burst loaded!
Additional Information Can often be found in Dunbarton eating potatoes and heckling people.