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User:Hirika/Sewing the Tailoring Guide

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Don't worry about what you need to do to rank it. Worry about what you need to have in order to reach it.


Disclaimer This guide has a lack of pictures and it is very text heavy.

When I joined Mabinogi, I wanted to be a rank 1 tailor and tried to reach for it as soon as I could. However that never happened because it slowly began to slip off my list of priorities. It was simply due to how tailoring was "impractical". It is a great skill to have, but it's currently (as of before the upcoming dungeon revamp) a life skill that is not in the spot light because people wear clothes that are from gachapons.

Getting back into ranking the tailoring skill, I noticed that there aren't a lot of tailoring guides compared to blacksmith and carpentry guides on google or whatever search engine you use. Even if you read the older guides that are posted, they aren't exactly concise or make it hard to really swallow. I've taken the liberty to make an updated and unique guide in hopes of making tailoring much more easier to swallow... and more up to date!

Because we love up to date guides.

Recommended things to have

  • Active Tailor Talent: I shouldn't have to explain this too much. 2x training for every attempt which means saving lots of materials and time.
  • Rank 1 Weaving: Tailoring's sister talent. Without her, you're just not going to be able to get around at all.
  • Adventurer Seals: Every Monday and Sunday from the Seal Merchant located in either Dunbarton or Belvast, you are able to use the seals to buy materials and training skill seals respectively. It is up to you on how you want to allocate it, but I would personally invest it on the training skill seals to save material cost.

Optional things to have

  • Rank 1 Harvest Song: Increases production success rate and production speed of gathering items.
  • Rank 1 Enthralling Performance: In the name of silk, you can make spiders rain with this skill. Get 120 cobwebs within one sitting.
  • Rank 1 Ingredient Hunting: Makes leather hunting much more easier than it should be, especially with the Master title on.
    • Tailoring Kit that is Reforged: If you somehow stumble onto this, it'll increase a bit of your training exp along with the active talent if it is active.
  • Fabric/Silk/Leather pouches: The pouches can hold 100 of the respective item in each bag. Save some space, you're going to die in a flood of fabrics.
  • Rank 1 Fragmentation: Breaks your finished product into smaller materials that were used to make the final product.
    • Any fragmentation gear that boosts up fragmentation success.
    • Rank 1 Transmutation Mastery: naturally increases base success rates for fragmentation
    • Rank 1 Rain Cast: will boost up your success rates for tailoring but only for a bit.

While Fragmentation is certainly an option for most life skills, e.g blacksmithing, I would personally NOT RECOMMEND you do so for any materials unless you're trying to recover materials from the finished product. And even then, you may not be able to get it back (which is a gamble you're willing to take or not).

Do keep in mind that this is a list for those who want to tackle tailoring on their own. It's going to be really dry and dull for you if you want to run solo, but friends are always welcomed to help you and make it easier for yourself.

Simple Gathering Strategies

This section is mainly intending on how to save time to gather any fabric material as well on how to save costs because why do you want to spend more money than needed?

Fabrics: it will always involve sheep's wool. You'll want to aim for any fine and finest fabric because they can't be bought in stores, compared to cheap and common fabric.

  • Get rank 1 sheep shearing: Get wool 100x more easier so you can weave them into threads and fabrics.
  • Upgrade and reforge your gathering knife for double wool collection.

Silks: it won't exactly be easy because you need cobwebs from spiders. Spiders do not drop cobweb if they are aggroed, and the maximum amount of spiders that are aggroed are 2. You can either do this at the Tir Chonail graveyard or by Emain Macha's Advancement Testing building. There's a bucketload of spiders that get stuck and drop loads of cobweb right by your feet (just don't kill them). Usage of Enthralling Performance is very encouraged and recommended.

Leathers: equip "the Master of Ingredient Hunting" to make leather drop rates increase if you do have it. Doing this on Wednesday is the most effective because Wednesday benefits affect monster drops, which can mean more leather drops for you. You can also buy them off of other people for hopefully cheaper prices when you can.

Patterns: I will only talk about the patterns that are sitting in NPC stores, because they are pretty much the only ones you can get on an every day basis. I also will try to avoid Fleta as much as I can only because the materials that her patterns call for is very specific and extensive to get such as Red Potions. Gachapon patterns are somewhat out of the question because they are just hard to obtain to begin with. And if you do want to make it and have the patterns for it, you better be making some cash out of it for future funds on material gathering.

Emain Spider Tips

If you don't have enthralling performance and your own your own, I can recommend this part for you.

  • Get two spiders stuck by a tree, making sure it's guaranteed they won't leave if you leave.
  • Make use of any skills that drops spider aggro such as Crisis Escape and Hide
  • Do not take the spiders too far from their original spawn point. After a certain distance, they will stop following you because it is too far from their spawn point.

How the requirements are laid out=

  • AP: 5
  • Stat Improvement: Dex +1
  • Effects: Can make clothes
Method Exp. Count Total
Use the skill successfully. 0.25 120 30.00
Achieve a very good result. 2.00 120 240.00
The result is a failure. 0.25 60 15.00
The result is very bad. 0.25 60 15.00
Clothes are finished. 0.25 50 12.50

An Example of A Rank 7 Tailoring Skill Rank

Don't worry about what you need to do to rank it. Worry about what you need to have in order to reach it. The requirements are going to be exactly the same from basically F to 1 (as shown above). The only differences being is the number of points gained per training attempt. For attempting the clothes finishing training, go to Dunbarton, buy headband manuals and keep making them until you're done with the requirement. It's easy and cheap because it calls for cheap fabric and cheap thread which can be bought from stores.

Rank F to 8

  • Recommended: Part time jobs all the way through. And material gathering of some kind.

The relatively easy ranks. From rank F to 8, you can partake in part-time jobs from clothing shops to make clothes and save material. The jobs will be random, so you may want to change channels when you can because it is possible to get a different job (suitable for you) on a different channel. It is heavily advised you do part time jobs for Malcolm, Simon or Ailiona because those are the only three npcs who have sewing patterns for r8. In order to get to rank 8, you have to have advance job which means you have to do the job at least 100 times around 100% (or maybe more depending on your success rate). With that said, you just have to keep camping for the jobs to come by and wait for the one that helps you train your rank.

While it is good doing the part time jobs, at some point you will need to actually invest some money and time into making things that are outside of part time jobs so be sure to gather materials when you humanely can.

Rank 7

The part time jobs does not hand out any sewing patterns that are above rank 8, however they will still count using the skill successfully. If you notice the "Achieve a very good result" requirement, you'll see that the points already hand out 240 points for just doing that requirement alone! You could find alternatives but why try and do that? It's only going to suck up resources that could be better allocated.

The huge major downside is that I hope you have been gathering materials because this is where your bank is starting to take more prevalent damage; the mentioned patterns cost 70~80k gold just for one pattern and it is very demanding for the fine and finest materials. Below is the patterns and what you need to do PER ATTEMPT. I wouldn't worry about the normal success too much because of the materials you need to even make them when you could get more from great successes. Just be conscious of the Mondays and utilize any Tailoring/Production Parties.

Finisher: Finest Finishing Thread x1

Finisher: Fine Finishing Thread × 1, Braid × 3

Rank 6

While the professional gloves have fine fabric involved, it's only one an attempt at a very high success rate per attempt and it actually works for future silk making use so it's a win win with this one! The marine armor may be a hassle only because of the King Crab Shell per attempt and Flying Fish Fin per finish attempt which can only be obtained by fishing, but at the same time it's the only reasonable one you can do because of the common fabric and silk at this rank. The difference between the men and and women's version is the different amount of common silks it needs, and it's by far easier to gain common fabric than it is for common silk.

Finisher: Thin Thread x 1

Finisher: Finest Finishing Thread × 1, Flying Fish Fin × 1

Rank 5

Not much can be said for this rank other than how straightforward it is. Be prepared to cough up a lot of finest leather on this particular rank though when you follow the great success training.

Finisher: Finest Finishing Thread × 2, Braid × 1

Rank 4

Rank 3

You made it this far after possibly tearing your hair out (yay!)

The good news is that rank 1 is not that far away; all you have to do is press the advance skill button two times in order to make rank 1 happen. The downside is that there are no Rank 2 Manuals at All, so you have to force yourself to do the rank 1 patterns and they are not friendly with the fine and finest materials. If you have not utilized Iron Plates up until now and read my guide up to now, that's good because you will need a lot of these even though it's a finisher item. they can only be made by people with very high refining ranks, so check your local smither if you can find any.

Finisher: Finest Finishing Thread × 1, Iron Plate × 4

Rank 2

This is it, your options will obviously be limited. You can't get anymore great successes from this rank because there is no Rank 1+ pattern. And again, there are no Rank 2 Manuals at All.

Just keep what you have been doing (and maybe with the help of seals) and you'll be able to press that advance skill button in no time.

Rank 1

Congratulations for making it this far! Why would you want to go get a master title for it when the master title stats are very not so great? But seriously if you want to keep going, then by all means go for it. You know how things work and you know what you need to get to it.