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User:Sakura502/Is Magic Craft Evil?: A Guide to Ranking Magic Craft

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Magic Craft(along with it's evil brother, Hillwen Engineering) require a big number of materials to get 1 measly skill training point. And that one point is like 0.000000000005% training exp, I'm obviously exaggerating but it feels that way pretty much all the time. I do advise that you do not rank this skill without the usage of Skill Training Seals. This skill is 95% material gathering, you'll actually save more time by saving up on Adventurer Seals to get Skill Training Seals. Unless you're some sort of weirdo who enjoys a long suffering.

Side Note: Take abuse of any skill training bonuses you can get, this skill doesn't have any associated talents.

Training Type: Magic Conversion

You're going to be training this regardless. Because pretty much everything requires Shyllien(5 Shyllien Crystals) or Intact Shyllien(5 Shyllien).

Training Type: Mana Bullet Crafting

Whatever it is you do, if you want to save mats and live a happy life, just make Training Mana Bullets. 2 Shyllien Crystals to make em.

Training Type: Accessories

Alright, so you need to make an accessory to get your measly 0.000000005% training exp. Obviously, the Lucky Rabbit Foot should be your only choice. Purple Hearts is unadvised at rank 3, because you actually use up more mats and it can be difficult to defeat Sasquatches.

What you need to make What it asks for What you really need in total.
Lucky Rabbit Foot

1. Purified Rabbit Foot x5

2. Mysterious Herb Powder x3

3. Intact Shyllien x5

1. Shyllien Crystal x25 + Mutant Rabbit Foot x5

2. Bloody Herb x3 + Mana Herb x3 + Poison Herb x3

3. Shyllien Crystal x25 + Bloody Herb x15 + Mana Herb x15 + Poison Herb x15

Do you see what is wrong here. Do you just see?

Training Type: Magic Material Crafting

Only focus on three things: Mysterious Herb Powder, Enchanted Firewood and Purified Rabbit Foot. You're wasting time and materials by making Mutants or Sundews. Despite it's costs, Enchanted Firewood should be made and then stashed for Rank 7 and beyond.

For the Myst Powder, I would use Shyllien Ecology to get the Mana and Bloody Herbs. However, for the Poison Herb, you're better off rafting for them. Shyllien Ecology doesn't give enough Poison Herbs, so relying on that alone is going to make things slower.

What you need to make What it asks for What you really need in total.
Purified Rabbit Foot x1

Mutant Rabbit Foot x1 + Shyllien x5

Mutant Rabbit Foot X1 + Shyllien Crystals x25

Mysterious Herb Powder x1

Bloody Herb x1 + Mana Herb x1 + Poison Herb x1


Enchanted Firewood

1. Shyllien x1

2. Hillwen x1

3. Average Firewood x1

1. Shyllien Crystal x5

2. Hillwen Ore Fragment x5

3. Firewood x3 or Chopping Blocks

Training Type: Magic Weapon or Armor Crafting

If you make anything else for the sake of training, you better be making some good cash out of it. Because the only thing that matters is Blasted Oak Wand. Every other equipment is a hassle to make, they require mats that are difficult or time consuming to obtain.

What you need to make What it asks for What you really need in total.
Blasted Oak Wand

1. Enchanted Firewood x1

2. Mysterious Herb Powder x5

3. Intact Shyllien x5

1. Shyllien Crystal x5 + Hillwen Ore Fragment x5 + Firewood x3

2. Bloody Herb x5 + Mana Herb x5 + Poison Herb x5

3. Shyllien Crystal x25 + Bloody Herb x15 + Mana Herb x15 + Poison Herb x15