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User talk:Domirade

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Re: Re: Sept 27th maintenance news item

Thanks for the notice. I moved the message up to the correct date. As for the maintenance schedule you mentioned, thanks for that, too. I always forget to mention the days to make it more clear. :) --Aramet (Talk) 15:46, 29 September 2010 (UTC)


Thread titleRepliesLast modified
Bare hands022:44, 17 July 2012
Fire Dragon+Thunder Dragon320:43, 27 June 2011
Animations323:02, 7 May 2011
TY102:53, 6 March 2011

Bare hands

it seems you were the one to add the bare hand stats. may i ask where you got the stats?

Fire Dragon+Thunder Dragon

You do know that those dragons are not the same speed as the thoroughbred, right? That is the whole reason I changed it on the wiki to clear up that misconseption. I have tested it myself and it is actually a well known fact that it is the same speed as the Black Cotton Ostrich. Again, I have no idea why you reverted my edits but whatever, the Mabi Community can be left confused.

ReFuSeR03:11, 27 June 2011

Look at it from my perspective. User with almost no contribution history makes an apparently spontaneous round of changes to new content pages that most of the player base is still busy salivating over. Looks, on the surface, like it could be disinformation. Better to err on the side of caution, you see?

When inaccuracies show up (because they invariably do), the wise thing to do is to bring up the issue on the article's discussion page before making any changes. Ideally, that serves two purposes: one, it brings the alleged issue to the eyes of more editors, making it more likely to be examined in detail; two, it allots you a space in which to validate your assertion. Changing the content of an article completely out-of-the-blue is not something to do with the expectation that no one will question the merit of your changes!

Your edits were reverted for a lack of evidence, not because I believed them to be erroneous. That is why the edit summaries contained "please substantiate." I cannot say with any certainty how fast dragons move. I have not examined the movement speed or mounted combat mechanics of Dragon pets in detail. From the perspective of a reader, neither have you.

All I'm saying is that if "it is actually a well known fact" as you claim, you should be able to show us something to back that up.

Domirade [Tarlach] (talk)05:09, 27 June 2011

I love the all of the current evidence that the Dragons are the same speed as the thoroughbred. (sarcasm)

No but you're right. I am able to agree with your point of view. Thing is, I don't care enough about the community to take my time to make a video on my experiments to please you. Hopefully someone who cares enough will come along and clear up these huge misconceptions about Dragon Speed and combat. I frankly have lost all interest in the discussion.

ReFuSeR05:27, 27 June 2011

My understanding is that information about content like this (that comes to NA from other versions) is sourced from the Japanese wiki and/or the client files. Alas, I speak neither Japanese nor .pack. And if you look at the history for the Thunder Dragon page, you'll see it's been revised and revised and revised since its creation, what, 11 months ago? I think that's one of the tenets of wiki sites: collaboration builds credibility.

Anyway, you don't have to go to the length of making a video. Even briefly explaining your testing method and the results you got is enough for others to test it too.

Thank you for being honest about your apathy though.

Domirade [Tarlach] (talk)20:43, 27 June 2011


If you're going to use animated images, I suggest you use .gif extension.

κєνıи тαıĸ«)22:43, 7 May 2011

Am I breaking a rule?

I didn't want to use .gif because it's limited to a tiny color palette and would probably have looked horrible.

Firefox and Opera will display the animation, browsers that don't support animated .pngs will just show the first frame statically.

The filesize is small enough, and I don't really need more than one picture, so...

Domirade [Tarlach]22:48, 7 May 2011

No rules were broken. Just a mere suggestion. It's alright if you wish to use your .png.

κєνıи тαıĸ«)22:53, 7 May 2011

Okay, thanks. I'm probably going to leave it the way it is. :P

Domirade [Tarlach] (talk)23:02, 7 May 2011

TY for adding expansive to the wiki.

My pleasure! Now if only I could find enough elite passes to add it to my gauntlets. :)

Domirade [Tarlach]02:53, 6 March 2011