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Ratios222:15, 24 March 2016

Hi! Saw that you're working on Cooking ~ was wondering where you were getting your ratios. Are you just eyeballing it on the scale or do you have a super-accurate measure? Of course, knowing Mabi, they may just arbitrarily change the ratios from update-to-update - or accidentally changed them since this Doki Doki event involves dishes only available during this time. Anyway, was just wondering, and wishing you continued cooking success! /o/

Elide (talk)14:00, 27 February 2016

Well I only use an overlay ruler with the 5 intervals marked, I can't vouch for my complete precision but it's worked fine for a majority of the recipes, any outliers I usually leave a message on the discussion page with what I feel the ratio really is so a second person can test and confirm it or not, I'd rather not edit it unless it's certain to be different

Zioken (talk)14:07, 27 February 2016

Pardon for the somewhat random message but someone added an alternative to Shrimp Fried Rice that only uses Rice and Shrimp. It says 75%/30% in game but obviously that's not the correct ratio. I've already tested around and came to a 72%/28% for Rice and Shrimp, the user who added the ratio insist on keeping it 75%/30% simply because that's what it says in game. Could you explain to them keeping it that way is useless?

I don't want to keep going back and forth on this

Zioken (talk)22:15, 24 March 2016