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Valentine's Event (2010)

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For other Valentine's Day Events, see Valentine's Day Events.
February 10th, 2010 - February 23rd, 2010


Everyone knows this juicy piece of gossip: Kristell, the priestess of Dunbarton, has the hots for Tarlach, the druid in Sidhe Sneachta. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, Kristell's once again mooning over her unrequited love. This time, the priestess has hatched up the perfect plan to capture Tarlach's heart but she needs your help!

Kristell needs you to grab a magical ingredient, Cacao, from her old stomping grounds, Rabbie dungeon. Then she needs several other items from around the world. Bring everything to Kristell and she’ll whip up a delicious jar of Valentine’s Day chocolates. But hands off! These goodies are for Tarlach. Make your way to Sidhe Sneachta and give Tarlach his gift.

When you hand over the chocolate, Tarlach gives you a keyword. Return to Kristell to get your reward. Sadly, it seems Kristell’s rewards are only stocked in Humans’ and Elves’ petite sizes. Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day! Not everybody wins...[1]

What to Do

  • Kristell needs you to grab a magical ingredient, 5 Magic Cacao Beans, from Rabbie Dungeon.
  • Then she needs several other items from around the world. Collect all of these for Kristell.
  • Items to collect are 1 Courcle Coffee Bean, 1 bottle of Vales Whiskey, 1 bottle of milk, and 3 apples
  • When all the ingredients are handed in, she will ask you to pick a container. Paper, Sketch paper, Bottle, Finest Silk, Finest Fabric, or Paperhat, and which ever you pick you will be required to bring to her as the final item. Kristell will then make a Box of Chocolate for you to deliver to Tarlach of Sidhe Sneachta.
  • When you meet up with Tarlach, you will receive a keyword.
  • Use the keyword on Kristell to receive your reward.
Kristell's Valentine Chocolate
How to Get Quest

Log on during Valentine's Event.

Briefing I have a favor to ask of you. -Kristell-
  • 100 Experience Points
Additional Information

Kristell gives you a Magic Cacao Dungeon Pass for Rabbie Dungeon.

Collect Chocolate Ingredients
How to Get Quest

Complete Kristell's Valentine Chocolate

Briefing Collect the ingredients required for making Chocolate.

(in any order)

  • 1000 Experience Points
Additional Information

Magic Cacao Beans grow in herb rooms and are in the reward chests of the Magic Cacao Dungeon. Courcle Coffee Beans grow on berry trees near the Tree Mark. Wanst sells Vales Whiskey for 1100 gold.

Deliver the Valentine Chocolate
How to Get Quest
Briefing Take the Chocolate that Kristell has delicately made and deliver it to Tarlach.
  • Deliver the Chocolate Container
  • Deliver the Chocolate to Tarlach
  • Report Result
Additional Information

On returning to Kristell for the last step, female characters gain the "Kristell's Reward" keyword.


  • Female Succubus Outfit and Female Succubus Hat (Female Elf and Human only) - Kristell allows you to rent the outfit and hat for 3 days. Note that male characters cannot receive either the outfit or hat.
    • Note: If you use the keyword for the Succubus Outfit after the event, the keyword WILL disappear.
  • 1,000 experience