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Wizards Love the Dark

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Wizards Love the Dark[1]
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A tale of a magic apprentice's joy and sorrow in life.

Obtain From Aeira
Price 500
Tradability Tradable
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All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.
- Wizards Love the Dark -
By Cleirbe

My name? Don't ask. Just think of me as a 15-year-old admirer of Lassar. Hahaha... I prefer myself to be different from others. That's why while others were packing up their armors and swords to train, I went straight to Lassar's classes for magic spells. It took me 3 DAYS to take level 1 of the classes! As a result, I have gained the ability to fire away the coolest skill of all, the Icebolt. Lassar told me that I can learn the Firebolt with level 2, and the Lightning Bolt with level 3, but I declined the offer. Why? Because I believe that I can become the best wizard ever simply with the Icebolt! I returned to the grassland where Grey Wolves were in bunches, and started summoning icebolts. But then...

- What the @#$@#$ ! I can only summon 5 at most?

That's right. I could only summon a maximum of 5 icebolts. That was annoying, but what can I do? After some practice, it was alright. It was also quite fun to fire those icebolts at those wolves. I kept on firing those icebolts, but all of a sudden, I couldn't summon those icebolts anymore. It turned out that I had run out of MP.

- So how do I recover MP?

I went up to Lassar and asked the question.

- Hey! What's the point of just teaching me the skill? You should also teach me how to recover MP!

When I said that, Lassar told me that I would know this, had I paid any attention in her classes. Sheesh, she could have just told me that for free. What was that about? Anyway, I had to read over the notes I took during the class.

- Oh, she did mention it during class! Yeah, wait until dark falls when Eweca arises!

Just waiting for the dark was quite boring, so I started striking some trees for some berries. That's when I found out that even during the day, I was able to recover MP little by little. I was just thinking of waiting til my MP filled back up, when I saw someone abusing the spells, just like I was doing just a few hours ago. Of course, I laughed inside, knowing what was going to happen to that poor soul. You know what, though...? When that person drank that blue potion, she seemed completely re-energized and kept firing away spells. I was shocked! I just had to ask her what that was, and she told me that was an MP potion.

- Potions! That's Dilys!

I then headed straight to the Healer's House to see Dilys and told her that I wanted some of her potions. She told me MP potions weren't for sale. She said I could only get those through monsters. Whaaaaat?

I sat around the square, waiting for the sun to set. Once night set in and Eweca started rising, my MP started recovering MUCH faster than before!! As soon as my MP was recovered, I went out to the field and showered the monsters with icebolts in order to get some MP potions. That led to...

Me sleeping during the day, and actively hunting at night. I'm a night person now. *Sigh*