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Portrait of LassarFile:Lassar.png
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Magic Teacher
Location Tir Chonaill
(Inside School)
Repair Magical Weapon Repairs, 92%
Track Kind Lesson
Learning magic is learning to control self confidence. So, your happiness depends on what you have learnt...



Waves of her red hair come down to her shoulders. Judging by her somewhat small stature, well-proportioned body, and a neat two-piece school uniform, it isn't hard to tell that she is a teacher. The intelligent look in her eyes, the clear lip line and eyebrows present her as a charming lady.

Lassar is a magic teacher in Tir Chonaill. Marked by her flaming red hair, she demonstrated great strength in magic from childhood, and later thoroughly studied the subject in Emain Macha. Ever since her return to her hometown, Lassar has taught magic to countless students.

In spite of regular confrontation with Dilys, the two are, in actuality, very close friends.

Classes can be taken from her at the Magic School to learn the Fire, Ice, and Lightning bolt skills. Students pay tuition for a course, and each course is made up of three classes.


It is rumored that Lassar has an obsession with school uniforms; her younger sister, Alissa, describes, "her wardrobe is full of them."

Mainstream Story

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Favorite Items

Gifts Returned for Gems

  • An item (randomly chosen from a small selection of items) will be received as a returned gift by giving Lassar a desired jewel.
  • The chance to receive some returned gifts may only occur if the desired jewel given to Lassar is above a certain size.
Topaz Size
Wings of a Goddess 2.22cm - 4cm
Elite Magic Powder 5cm - 6cm
MP 100 Potions x 10
Spirit Weapon Restoration Potion 5cm-6cm?
r9 suffix Formal enchant 5cm - 10cm
Diamond Size
MP 100 Potions x 10 1cm+
Ice Wand (no enchants) 1cm+
Lightning Wand (no enchants) 3cm+
Fire Wand (no enchants)
Fire Wand with Deadly prefix 2cm+
Lightning Wand with Deadly prefix 3cm+
Ice Wand with Deadly prefix 4cm+


Magic Item Price
Phoenix Feather x 1 100g
Phoenix Feather x 10 1,000g
Wings of a Goddess x 1 1,000g
Wings of a Goddess x 5 5,000g
Elemental Remover x 1 1,000g
Blessed Magic Powder x 1 500g
Elite Magic Powder x 1 1,000g
Spirit Weapon Restoration Potion 49,110g
Magic Book Price
A Guidebook on Firebolt 4,980g
Icebolt Spell: Origin and Training 7,980g
Healing: The Basics of Magic 9,800g
Magic Weapon Price
Lightning Wand 48,000g
Ice Wand 48,000g
Fire Wand 48,000g
Combat Wand 48,000g
Healing Wand 48,000g
Crystal Lightning Wand 57,000
Crown Ice Wand 57,000
Phoenix Fire Wand 57,000
Tikka Wood Healing Wand 57,000



Track Title
Kind Lesson
Speaking to Lassar


  • The name Lassar comes from lasair, meaning flame.
    • She confirms this herself.
  • According to Alissa, Lassar's hair is dyed.