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For the Rank 6 Prefix enchant, see Wyllow (Rank 6).
Portrait of WyllowFile:Wyllow.png
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Emain Macha's Archbishop
Location Emain Macha
(Inside Cathedral)
Track Lymilark's Torch (Wylllow)
Here you will find that hope you are looking for...


—Mabinogi Website


Wyllow's round face is smiling out from his ornate Priest's clothing. His white eyebrows, and everything about him tells you that he is the head Priest. The seemingly eternal smile on his face shines brightly with compassion, and his palms are facing outward, as if he is getting ready to greet you with them.

Wyllow is an elderly priest devoted to the teachings of God. He can always be found inside the Church. He has a strong belief in the teachings of Lymilark. He is modest about his work and says that he is merely a priest who spreads the words of Lymilark. He also seems to give some of the work to James, such as directions around town, to handling gossip and rumors.

He conducts weddings for Humans.


Mainstream Story



Track Title
Lymilark's Torch (Wyllow)
Entering the Emain Macha Cathedral
Character Wedding cutscenes


  • His theme was written as "Lymilark's Torch" on the Korean discography website, alongside James and Corentin's themes, despite all three being different tracks.[1]
  • His theme is also used for Wedding cutscenes.
  • According to James, Wyllow's clothing is so ornate because the outfit was made by Ailionoa.
  • The game refers to Wyllow as an Archbishop and a Bishop interchangeably.