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Portrait of AilionoaFile:Ailionoa.png
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Tailor
Location Emain Macha
(Outside Clothing Shop)
Part-Time Job Clothing Shop
7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Report From: 12:00 noon
Repair Tailor Repairs, 98%
Track A Flower Atop Ochre Silk
...Beauty that surpasses beauty is what I want to make. It's my wish~



She wears a dark dress lined with gorgeous lace over which her long pale blonde hair flows like a river. Her dark brown eyes glow in a mysterious way as if to wholly consume anyone who approaches her.

Ailionoa runs a famous clothing shop in eastern Emain Macha called Tre'imhse Cairde. She supplies clothes to most of the local residents, and designs her own clothing.


She was taught by Simon on how to make clothes, and was once a good friend of his, before he was forced to move to Dunbarton for an unknown reason.

Mainstream Story



Part-Time Jobs

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  • All Intermediate jobs that require Tailoring have a report time of 5:00pm, Delivery quests and Basic Jobs have a report time of 12:00pm.



Track Title
A Flower Atop Ochre Silk
Speaking to Ailionoa


  • Ailionoa's eye color is different between her In-game Model and her Portrait; it is purple in-game and brown in her artwork.
  • The name Ailionoa appears to be a strange translation of her name in Korean, 엘레노아. A more common translation would be Eleanor.
  • Ailionoa's store, Tre'imhse Cairde, is the Irish phrase tréimhse cairde. Tréimhse (meaning a period of time) and cairde (meaning respite, peace, or grace) collectively mean grace period.