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Zebach (Raid)

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For the monster, see Zebach.
For other raid dungeons, see Category:Raid Dungeon.


Mission Information


  • Party Size: 1~16
  • Time Limit: 30 minutes
  • Talent Level: Master+
  • Mission Details: Having desecrated Erinn's graveyards, the Prophets moved to create the Apostles - giant monsters of untold power. Called Zebach, this Apostle's form is not unlike a 'living grave,' whose every movement disturbs the resting places of the dead. Born of the dead's collective desire to live, it neither grows tired or feels pain. As a result, the knights' Warding-Binding-Smiting chain skill pattern is ineffectual against it. Squad members would be wise to rally their forces, avoiding Zebach's attacks while attacking relentlessly. When it is put on the defensive, it summons servants. Watch for Zebach to stomp its forelegs and roar, as this is a signal to the vengeful spirits to surround you and leech your health. To prevent this, you must hide behind the tombstones and wait until the spirits return to their eternal rest. Zebach is prone to ending the battle and disappear once it has killed many squad members, so make sure to protect yourself before joining the fray.
  • Info: Defeat Apostle Zebach


  • Unlike the Girgashiy and Hasidim raids, the Zebach raid does not provide any Daily nor Weekly Orders.