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Advancement Test Hall/Combo: Spinning Uppercut

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Spinning Uppercut Dan1.png
Spinning Uppercut Dan2.png
Spinning Uppercut Dan3.png
Use Spinning Uppercut to defeat as many monsters as you can within the time limit. A higher score will result from dealing a lot of damage by using this skill to decrease enemy defense and protection. As the test rank increases, stronger monsters will appear and you will need a higher score to pass the test.



  • 100 Points: Defeat an enemy with Spinning Uppercut
  • (Damage/50) Points: Hit over 3000 damage with Spinning Uppercut
  • 500 Points: Hit over 5000 damage with Spinning Uppercut

Test Spawn Patterns




General Tips

  • Your Fighter and Close Combat ranks will carry over into the test, so having higher ranks would be useful.
  • Defeating an enemy by any means will reset all fighter cooldowns.
    • Since the cooldown for Charging Strike is 20 seconds long and 25 seconds long for Spinning Uppercut, it is always better to defeat an enemy without Spinning Uppercut to reset the cooldown of Spinning Uppercut.
  • Critical Spinning Uppercut damage is important, because high damage attacks provide crucial bonus points.
    • Attacks will reward bonus points, specifically the attack's damage divided by 50, so long as Spinning Uppercut deals 3000 damage.
      • Attacks above 5000 damage will reward a flat 500 additional points instead.
    • Racial bonuses awarded by Combo Mastery make this test easiest for Giants and hardest for Elves.
  • Use Spinning Uppercut exclusively and as often as possible to pass this Advancement Test.
    • It is easy and recommend to use Charging Strike to chain into Spinning Uppercut.
  • Players can disable names and chat using Ctrl+N to improve visibility of enemy skills.