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Advancement Test Hall/Death Mark

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Use Death Mark to defeat as many monsters as you can within the time limit. A higher score will result if you use this skill to attract enemies in quick succession. As the test rank increases, stronger monsters will appear and you will need a higher score to pass the test.



  • 80 Points: Successfully used Death Mark without defeating the enemy
  • 120 Points: Defeated the enemy who bore a Death Mark
  • 180 Points: Attracted 5 or more enemies with Death Mark
  • 200 Points: Attracted enemies 3 times in a row while maintaining Death Mark

Test Spawn Patterns


General Tips

  • Your Chain Slasher and Close Combat ranks will carry over into the test, so having higher ranks would be useful.
    • In order to use Chain Skills, Dorcha is required. Remember to maintain Dorcha levels throughout the test, or you may find yourself unable to earn any points in an otherwise opportune situation.
    • Anchor Rush can be used to break free from stuns, especially those inflicted from being target by many mobs at once.
  • Killing both Yellow Ghosts will spawn another pair of Yellow Ghosts.
    • Killing only one Yellow Ghost will not spawn the next pair, allowing the player to kill one freely.
    • Yellow Ghosts are vulnerable to Defense Skill Lock, allowing the player to prevent one from using any attacks.
      • Combining the two together, it is possible to defeat one Ghost and permanently prevent the other from attacking.
        • One downside to this method is that Ghosts have more health than Hellcats; doing this setup can restrict the player's ability to get the 200 point bonus for attracting enemies 3 times. In addition, using the Ghosts to earn points can be easier than the Hellcats since the ghosts respawn faster and allow for more mobs to be summoned at one time.
  • As long as the player does not attack multiple enemies, only one Hellcat will aggro the player alongside the two Yellow Ghosts.
    • The player can let the Hellcats naturally aggro their character one-by-one after defeating them if they want to prevent multi-aggro.
      • A riskier strategy involves trying to hit a Hellcat before one naturally aggros. This will save crucial time if it works, but if it does not the player may become overwhelmed by mobs.
  • When the number of Hellcats alive drops to 6, another 6 will spawn.
  • Manipulate the position of your targeted Hellcat so that Death Mark pulls in at least 5 enemies to obtain the most points possible.
    • Using Chain Impale to kill off enemies farther away from the group that aggro you can help if the next aggroed Hellcat is more centrally located.