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The Dorcha and Bachram meters.
There's 6 Dorcha, about halfway to 7.
The Bachram meter is at about the 4/15 mark.

Basic Information

Dorcha is a type of energy used for Chain Slash and Dark Diviner skills. Dorcha is negative energy leeched from enemies that is utilized by the Sluagh, a Fomor parasite. To repress the Sluagh, one must build up their own Bachram, a positive energy. The gauges only appear once the player has learned Dorcha Mastery.

Dorcha and Bachram are temporary, and they reset if you log out or change channels.



  • Represented by the purple sections on the bar.
  • Dorcha is consumed in order to use various Chain Slash and Dark Diviner skills.
  • Maximum Dorcha ranges from 10 to 15 depending on the rank of Dorcha Mastery.
    • The meter will always show 15 links, but the last ones will be greyed out if you can't use them.
  • Dorcha is generated by:
    • Using any attack.
      • Dorcha Snatch will generate the most amount of Dorcha based on rank, starting with 0.5 at Rank F and increases to 0.75 at Rank 1. Lucky Finishes also increases the Dorcha gain.
      • Any other attack, regardless of whether or not it was from a Chain Blade, generates significantly lower Dorcha, with a base amount of 0.25 per attack.
        • Multi-hit or area of effect skills, such as Kunai Storm or Windmill respectively, will count as one attack for Dorcha generation.
        • The amount of Dorcha gained is cut in half for each successive use of the same skill, up to 4 hits total, after which the attack will stop generating Dorcha. For example, the first hit with Bash will add 0.25, then 0.125, then 0.0625, then 0.03125, then 0.
          • Hitting an enemy with any other damaging skill will reset the penalty count.
      • Magic skills cast by a Dark Diviner can generate 0.5 Dorcha per cast continuously, without any decay.
    • Using Dorcha Conversion to sacrifice a large portion of the user's maximum health to generate Dorcha, consuming 75% HP for 3 Dorcha at Rank F and 50% HP for 6 Dorcha at Rank 1.
    • Using Render Dorcha to sacrifice a portion of the user's maximum mana to generate 5 Dorcha.
      • Conversely, Render Mana allows the user to sacrifice Dorcha to restore a portion of of the user's mana, as well as boosting the Dorcha recovery of Render Dorcha for a short duration.

Bachram & Bachram Boost

  • Represented by the grey section making up the bottom of the bar.
    • The Bachram meter is shared by all members of the current party.
      • Making a party will set your Bachram to 0, but it will be restored to your previous value if you leave the party.
  • Bachram slowly increases over time while in combat, reaching the maximum after a total of 10 minutes of build-up.
    • Bachram generation begins when you or another party member attack an enemy directly, or with a manually controlled Summon Golem, and continues for 30 seconds. Continuously attacking an enemy during this time refreshes the 30 second generation timer.
  • When the Bachram meter fills, a Bachram Boost occurs and the party receives a variety of buffs.
    • Health, Mana, and Stamina are fully restored.
    • All skills except for Palalan Embrace and Transformations have their cooldowns reset, including longer ones like Meteor Strike.
      • Cooldowns for actions, such as Persona and Farming abilities are not reset
    • Dorcha is automatically and continuously generated for the duration of the boost at approximately 1 Dorcha per 0.8 seconds.
    • Bachram Explosion becomes usable. If not used prior to another Bachram Boost, a second usability of Bachram Explosion is not granted.
  • The Bachram Boost lasts for 20 seconds, after which the Bachram meter will reset and empty.


  • Dorcha is an Irish word meaning dark, blind, without light, and secretive.
  • Bachram is an Irish word meaning boisterous or rambunctious behavior.
    • In Korea, Bachram is not the Irish word used. Instead 투아림 or Tuairim is the Irish word used (meaning opinion).