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Portrait of AlissaFile:Alissa.png
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Mill Operator
Location Tir Chonaill
Track Little Lady's Apron
Big sister... when are you going to grow up!?


—Alissa, Mabinogi Website


She is a young girl wearing an old apron that's too big for her, and a worn out hat which barely shows her soft, silky hair. She has a round face and a button nose. Her cherry eyes sparkle with curiosity. Her baby face and her snow-white cheeks make her look like a little doll. She's standing straight with her hands on her waist so that the apron doesn't slip down.

Alissa is a miller in Tir Chonaill. Having worked for years at the windmill to pay for tuition of her older sister, Lassar, Alissa is a precocious young lady who is able to amaze anyone with her astuteness and maturity. Typically, she is seen grinding the town's harvest with the mill and putting them in neat bags for storage.

Despite the labor, she finds the job rewarding especially when people make bread from grains she had personally prepared. Perhaps, then, it is only natural that Alissa admires Caitin and is an aspiring baker.


  • To do milling, which can only be done in Tir Chonaill, the windmill needs to be activated. Talk to Alissa and she will allow a player to activate the windmill for a price;
    • 100g for 1 minute.
    • 450g for 5 minutes.
  • Once the windmill is activated, anyone can use it and more than one player can use it at the same time.




Track Title
Little Lady's Apron
Speaking to Alissa