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Basic Information

The user interface for Milling
  • The Windmill (Public) allows players to mill various food related materials into ingredients used for cooking.
  • After activating the windmill, clicking on the windmill's hammer begins the milling process. A menu opens up to display what items can be milled and what ingredients it requires. After placing all the necessary ingredients, press "Start" to attempt to create the item.
    • Milling takes ? seconds.
    • Success rate of milling is based on the item being produced and is fixed; however, Milling is affected by Harvest Song and Rain Casting.

Milling List

Name In-progress
Materials Needed
Wheat Flour Flour Craft.png 100 Wheat × 10
Barley Flour Flour Craft.png 100 Barley × 10
Roasted Bean Flour Bean Powder Craft.png 100 Roasted Bean × 5
Peeled Bean Flour Bean Powder Craft.png 100 Peeled Bean × 5
Water-soaked Bean Flour Bean Powder Craft.png 100 Water-soaked Bean × 5
Magic Bean Flour File:Magic Bean Flour Craft.png 100 Magic Bean × 5