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Basic Information

The user interface for Milling
  • The Windmill (Public) allows players to mill various materials into milled ingredients used for Cooking.
  • After paying to activate the windmill, clicking on the windmill's hammer begins the milling process. A menu opens up to display what items can be milled and what ingredients it requires. After placing all the necessary ingredients, press "Start" to attempt to create the item.
    • Milling takes 6 seconds.
    • Success rate of milling is based on the item being produced and is fixed; however, Milling is affected by Harvest Song and Rain Casting.

Milling List

Name In-progress
Materials Needed
Wheat Flour Flour Craft.png 100 Wheat × 10
Barley Flour Flour Craft.png 100 Barley × 10
Roasted Bean Flour Bean Flour Craft.png 100 Roasted Bean × 5
Peeled Bean Flour Bean Flour Craft.png 100 Peeled Bean × 5
Water-soaked Bean Flour Bean Flour Craft.png 100 Water-soaked Bean × 5
Magic Bean Flour Magic Bean Flour Craft.png 100 Magic Bean × 5


[Tutorial] Making Flour

How to Get Quest

Talk to Caitin about Skills

Briefing I promised to bake some bread for the Chief, but I have just run out of flour. I'm sorry but can you bring me 1 Sack of Wheat Flour? -Caitin-

-- How to Get Wheat Flour

  1. Press 'I' to open the inventory.
  2. Equip a sickle from the inventory. If you don't have a sickle, buy one from Ferghus at the Blacksmith Shop.
  3. Go to the Farmland in the southwest part of town.
  4. Move the cursor to a bundle of wheat or barley and the cursor icon will change to a sickle.
  5. Click to harvest the crops.
  6. Pick up the wheat and bring it to the windmill. At least 15 bundles of wheat are recommended before going to the windmill.
  7. Pay money to Alissa and start the mill.
  8. Click the mill next to Alissa.
  9. Drag and drop 10 sacks of flour to the milling window and click Start.
  • Equip a Sickle
  • Completed Wheat Harvesting 10 Times
  • Talk to Alissa
  • 900 Experience Points
  • 5 Stamina 30 Potion
Additional Information
  • Though Caitin suggests gathering 15 Wheat, you can succeed with 10.