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Generation 9: Alchemist

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For the in-game script of this Generation, see Script - Generation 9: Alchemist.

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Spoiler icon.png This article contains spoilers.
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G9 Title.png
Chapter 3 Mainstream Icon.png
  • To start Generation 9, you must have completed Generation 3, or reached a cumulative level of 260 and talk to Duncan about storyline change.
  • Many of the Generation 9 quests are Shadow Missions. You cannot take on more than one Shadow Mission at the same time. You are allowed to quit a Generation 9 mission to do a normal mission without penalty; simply talk to the NPC involved to restart the Generation 9 Shadow Mission.
  • Some Shadow Missions let you choose a lower difficulty setting. These missions are obtained from the Mission Board near Taillteann Headquarters.
  • Important: Doing another player's Shadow Mission will also count for yours. This can be important for the higher levels. A few Missions, however, are exceptions.

Generation 9: Alchemist is the start of Chapter 3. It introduces Alchemy, the town Taillteann, and the return of the Fomorians who dwell about in the Shadow Realm.

Changes in Generation 9 Due to Updates

NPCs involved in Alchemist

Tips on Fast Travel

  • Always use Blue Wings of Goddess for their intended purpose.
  • It is helpful to purchase many Wings of a Goddess. They can be bought from Stewart at Dunbarton School for 1,000g each.
    • Use one after completing a Shadow Mission when you next need to immediately talk to someone in the town you came from.
  • Each time you are given a Shadow Mission, open the Dungeon Guide, select a Taillteann Shadow Mission, and then use the Move to Dungeon button.
    • The first and easiest to click on in the Dungeon Guide is Let Them Fight.
  • When you are asked to investigate Rundal Dungeon and Coill Dungeon, you can find a teleport to both of them in the Dungeon Guide.
    • Don't confuse the Hard Mode Rundal statue room for the normal statue room. The Dungeon Guide will send you to Hard Mode Rundal first.
  • It is helpful to configure a hotkey for opening the Dungeon Guide. You may use it frequently.
  • See Fast Travel for more information on fast travel.

Fallon's Summons

Stamped Letter.png Name Fallon's Summons NPC Granat

All quests from Generation 9 to Generation 12, and related quests, will appear in its own "Alchemist" Quest tab in the Quest Window. Keep this in mind as your progress through Generation 9 and onward.


  1. Log out and log in or change a channel after reaching level 10 to see a cutscene and receive a 2x2-sized letter from Fallon.
  2. Reach current level 15.
  3. Talk to Granat who is located at Taillteann's Elf Headquarters.
    • Giants do not have to talk to Granat
  4. Talk to Karpfen who is located at Taillteann's Giant Headquarters.
    • Elves do not have to talk to Karpfen.
  5. Talk to Brenda who is located at Taillteann's Clothing Store
  6. Talk to Collen who is located at Taillteann's Church.
  7. Talk to Dorren who is located at the Alchemy House.
  8. Talk to Andras who is located at Taillteann Headquarters. She will take the letter.
  9. Go to the Stonehenge Altar northwest of Taillteann and enter it to start the RP Shadow Mission, Hero of Mag Tuireadh.
    • You will role-play as Fallon. Fallon can use Defense, Smash, Counterattack, Windmill, Lightning Bolt.
    • You will start the mission in a canyon south of Taillteann just outside of camp.
    • Help the guards defeat a group of Goblins and Goblin Archers. After the first group is defeated a second one will appear along with a Black Warrior. Defeat the Black Warrior to view a cutscene. The mission will complete and exit automatically.
      • The goblins can quickly be defeated with Windmill. The Black Warrior possesses Teleportation and will require more fighting.
    • If you fail or disconnect during the shadow mission, the mission will return to your quest log. If you give up the mission in your quest log, talk to Andras to receive the mission again. If you were already tasked with another mission and did not receive this mission, you will need to cancel that mission first before you can receive the Hero of Mag Tuireadh mission from Andras. This is a repeating pattern throughout all mainstream quests starting from G9. You can only have 1 mission at a time and typically an item in your inventory or the NPC quest giver will help you obtain the lost mission.
  10. Manually complete the quest to receive 20000 EXP and wait for the next quest.

Andras's Test

Alchemist Seal.png Name Andras's Test NPC Andras

Older quests may have the player talk to Andras after defeating the Black Dire Wolf Cubs.


  1. Talk to Andras.
  2. Defeat 10 Black Dire Wolf Cubs.
    • Although the quest beacon points to the south of Taillteann, there are also wolves a bit northwest (past the Moon Gate and a bit before the Stonehenge).
  3. Defeat 3 Plateau Boars.
    • The boars are located west of Taillteann.
  4. Talk to Andras. You will receive an Alchemist Seal (2x2) and RP shadow mission, Alchemist Seal. You may bring one player to assist you.
    • You will roleplay as Leymore. Leymore can use Defense, Smash, Counterattack, Water Cannon, Wind Blast, and Life Drain.
    • You will be aided by Cai. If you joined with another player, they will control Cai, otherwise his AI very basic and not useful.
    • You will fight 3 waves of enemies. Arat Boar X 5, Shadow Bear X 2, Crag Cow X 1. Defeat them to see a cutscene. The mission will exit automatically.
      • The first two waves can be defeated with a combination of Water Cannon and Wind Blast. Crag Cow will aggro quickly after appearing and can be defeated with Life Drain then Water Cannon.
    • On completion of the mission, you will learn novice-rank Barrier Spikes.
    • If you give up the mission, talk to Andras to receive it again.
  5. Manually complete the quest to receive 15000 EXP and wait for the next one.

Deliver the Shadow Realm Supplies

Andras's Supply.png Name Deliver the Shadow Realm Supplies NPC Andras

You will run your first actual Shadow Mission. Multiple players assisting and on the same quest will also complete this. This applies for Generation 9 and onward, unless stated otherwise.


  1. Talk to Andras to receive Andras's Supply (3x2) and the shadow mission, Deliver the Supplies. You may bring up to two players to assist you. Anyone assisting you will also receive credit for completing the mission if they are on the same quest. This is typical throughout Generation 9: Alchemist.
    • You will start at the east border of Taillteann near the entrance to Sliab Cuilin. Move along the path heading west towards Taillteann.
    • Along the path you will encounter marble orb switches. Each switch will spawn 3 random basic shadow mission enemies: Shadow Fighter, Shadow Lancer, Shadow Archer, or Grumbill. There will be 6 switches total and they only appear sequentially after the previous one was cleared.
    • You are required to clear all 6 switches along the path. The last switch will spawn a much larger group of 8 enemies.
    • After defeating the last group, you will see a cutscene. You will automatically exit the mission.
  2. Complete the quest (10,000 EXP) and wait for the next one.

Fallon's Request

Ice Spear Crystal.png Name Fallon's Request NPC Dorren

  1. Talk to Dorren. She will teach you Mana Crystallization at Novice Rank.
  2. Deliver 7 Ice Spear Crystals to Dorren.
    • Ice Spear Crystals are formed by the Mana Crystallization skill, using five charges of Ice Spear and a Water Crystal near a Steam Oven.
    • They can also be obtained from another player or simply purchasing them from Dorren for 300g each.
      • If you lack Ice Spear, you may have another player with that skill to cast it for you.
  3. Manually complete the quest to receive 8000 EXP and wait for the next one.

Back to the Battlefield

Ice Mine.png Name Back to the Battlefield NPC Eabha

Ice Mines can only be set up in the Shadow Realm and Dungeons. Ice Mines automatically detonate when enemies walk by Ice Mines. You may target them for a premature detonation, however this may result in friendly fire, or even cause self-injury from the Ice Mines if they were detonated by nearby players or was detonated with its explosion radius.


  1. Talk to Eabha. He will give you 7 Ice Mine Requested for Delivery.
  2. Talk to Andras. She will give you the Shadow Mission, Deliver the Ice Mines.
    • You may bring up to two others to assist you.
    • Upon entering the mission, the 7 Ice Mines become usable and can be set on the ground. Beware of friendly fire if prematurely detonating with Ranged Attacks, Magic, Alchemy Skills, or Dual Guns normal attacks.
      • You cannot keep the Ice Mines; if you leave the mission early, they will drop to the ground for your party members to use.
      • The Ice Mines are not necessary to complete the mission.
      • It is best to place the Ice Mines by the pathway where the monsters spawn, and let the incoming mobs aggro you, luring them directly into the mine. Have Windmill loaded a few steps behind the mine, in case some monsters were not wiped out.
      • Jenna will aid you.
        • If Jenna dies, the mission automatically fails.
        • If you are using the Ice Mines, do not place them near Jenna, as they may kill her.
  3. Return to Andras.
  4. Manually complete the quest to receive 30000 EXP and wait for the next one.

Temple Knights

Temple Knight Medal.png
Arrowhead Necklace.png
Name Temple Knights NPC Andras

To access the Bean Rua Club, you must wait until 6:00PM (18:00) and have at least 2,000 Gold for 2 passes. You may want to save the Wings of the Blue Goddess you obtain from Pierrick when talking to him with the Temple Knights Keyword.
Completion of this quest will also unlock the Metal Conversion quest: The Corrupted Alchemist.


  1. Talk to Andras to receive the Temple Knights Keyword.
  2. Talk to Pierrick with the keyword. He will direct you to Lucas and give you a Wings of the Blue Goddess to Emain Macha.
  3. Talk to Lucas, the owner of the Bean Rua pub in Emain Macha.
  4. Hunt 10 Kobold Bandits.
  5. Talk to Lucas. You will receive a Temple Knight Medal (2x2).
  6. Investigate the Temple Knight's Lair. Drop the Temple Knight Medal onto Rundal Dungeon's altar to enter the Temple Knight's Lair.
    • The dungeon has one floor and is moderately long.
    • It is similar to a normal Rundal, but any spawns of Skeletons have been replaced with Temple Knights. Temple Knights with shields have level 3 Natural Shield.
    • The boss room has 8 Temple Knights. The layout of the boss room is different from a normal Rundal: it contains pillars and a cage. The Temple Knight near the cage will have a bow and level 1 Heavy Stander.
    • After clearing the boss room, a cutscene will occur and you will exit the dungeon. You will receive Arrowhead Necklace (2x2), the shadow mission, The Broken Arrow, and a Wings of the Blue Goddess to Taillteann's Stonehenge.
    • If you lose the Temple Knight Medal, talk to Lucas to receive it again.
  7. Jenna's Memory. Use Taillteann's Stonehenge with the newly acquired shadow mission.
    • The Broken Arrow mission is simply a cutscene. You will exit automatically after viewing it.
    • If you give up the mission in your quest log or did not obtain it, talk to Collen at the Church in Taillteann to get it again.
  8. Talk to Andras.
  9. Manually complete the quest to receive 20000 EXP and wait for the next one.

Secret Mission

Red Arat Berry.pngPurple Arat Berry.png Name Secret Mission NPC Andras

This mission is extremely similar to Defeat Crag Cow. The mobs are replaced with mostly Red Spiders and Skeleton Wolves and there is no boss to fight. You may bring your own Red or Purple Arat Berry beforehand. Simply use it and look for Elatha. Elatha will only appear if a Red or Purple Arat Berry is eaten.


  1. Talk to Andras.
  2. Talk to Berched, located at the Druid's House northwest of Taillteann, to receive the Shadow Mission Shadow Walker.
    • Your objective is to find and talk to Elatha.
    • You must use a Purple or Red Arat Berry before you can find him. He will appear for the remainder of the mission, you do not need to stay under the effect of the berry or consume a second one.
      • Berries can be brought from outside the mission or obtained inside the mission by defeating enemies near a tree, which will then grow Arat Berries which may drop after hitting the tree. Skip hitting the tree if the berries look orange or pink.
      • While under the effects of the correct berry, Elatha will appear as a dark blue triangle on your Minimap within the range of the effect.
      • There is a small chance that no red or purple berries drop from the trees. If this happens, leave the mission and start it again.
    • Elatha will spawn at a random location around the lake, not more than 1,500 meters away from a shore of the lake.
    • Talk to Elatha once for a small cutscene, then again to clear the mission. Exit the mission manually.
    • If you fail the mission or exit, you will automatically obtain it again.
  3. Complete the quest (6,000 EXP) and wait for the next one.

The Fomors' Counterattack

Shadow Mission Icon.png Name The Fomors' Counterattack NPC Andras

Having a high damage skill is an asset as an average player.
If more than one player is doing Defeat Crag Cow, it will count for both players.


  1. Talk to Andras.
  2. Defeat Crag Cow. (Requires completion of the named shadow mission)
    • Go to the Shadow Mission Board near Andras or Taillteann's Stonehenge and take on the shadow mission, Defeat Crag Cow, and complete it. You may take it on at any difficulty and you may bring one other person with you.
    • Note: After completing and exiting the mission you will automatically be assigned the next mission based on your Talent Level.
      • It is advised to give up the mission and take it on again at Basic difficulty in order to advance through this quest smoothly.
  3. Defeat Shadow Warrior. (Requires completion of the named shadow mission)
  4. Talk to Andras. Complete the quest (8,000 EXP) and wait for the next one.

Elatha's Memory

Elatha's Chain Necklace.png Name Elatha's Memory NPC Berched

You will be Role-Playing as Elatha, an Incubus. Due to the amount of speech bubbles you may encounter while fighting the Phantom masks, you may want to disable Names (Left CTRL + N by default) to get a clearer view.


  1. Talk to Berched. He will give you Elatha's Chain Necklace (2 x 1) and a Wings of the Blue Goddess to Emain Macha.
  2. Drop the chain necklace at Coill Dungeon's altar.
  3. Complete the quest (10,000 EXP) and wait for the next one.
    • Upon completing the quest, you will receive a Wings of the Blue Goddess to Tailteann's Stonehenge.

Secret Experiment in the Shadow Realm

Sundial of Darkness.png

Alchemy Experiment Scrap.png

Name Secret Experimentation in Shadow World

Discovered Secret

NPC Granat

It is advised to bring a full party of three for Secret Experiment Clue II.


  1. Talk to Granat.
  2. Talk to Dorren and complete the quest (6,000 EXP). She will give you a Sundial of Darkness, Collection Book - Clues of the Secret Experiment, and the Shadow Mission, Secret Experiment Clue I.
    • You must complete Collection Book - Clues of the Secret Experiment to continue. This requires collecting 8 Alchemy Experiment Scraps which you can place into the book by dragging and dropping the pieces into the book in your inventory. Collecting the reward from the open book after completing it is optional and not necessary immediately.
    • The alchemy experiment scraps can be obtained from reward chests in either Secret Experiment Clue I or Secret Experiment Clue II. However, you must enter the second mission at a different time from the first or you will be given repeated pieces and have to do the mission again.
      • Entering between 6am to 5:59pm (06:00~17:59) in Erinn Time will reward scraps 1~4.
      • Entering between 6pm to 5:59am (18:00~05:59) in Erinn Time will reward scraps 5~8.
  3. *After completing Secret Experiment Clue I, you must return to Dorren to obtain the second Shadow Mission, Secret Experiment Clue II. If you fail a mission or are missing pieces, you must talk to Dorren to receive and do the mission again.
    • After the Beyond Update in 2023, only one Secret Experiment Clue Shadow Mission is required to obtain all pieces.
    • Alternatively, you may obtain alchemy experiment scraps from helping another player with their mission(s).
    • Secret Experiment Clue I:
      • Clear the switches around Shadow Taillteann, then defeat the boss at the town square.
      • The mission is very similar to Defeat the Shadow Warrior.
    • Secret Experiment Clue II:
      • Clear three of the switches around Shadow Taillteann, then defeat the boss at the town square.
      • The second mission is significantly harder than the first. For the second wave of switches, enemies will spawn with trap Ice Mines.
  4. Complete the quest (30,000 EXP). An owl will give you the next part of the quest shortly after.
  5. Open the collection book and receive your reward from the open book.
    • Collecting the reward from the open book will complete the quest step.
    • If you already collected the reward from the open book before you received the quest, either talk to Dorren, change channel, or re-log to complete the quest step.
  6. Talk to Andras for the second part of "Unfold the Secret." Complete the quest (8,000 EXP) and wait for the next one.

Noitar Arat

Torque of Alchemy.png Name Noitar Arat NPC Andras

The following Shadow Mission is quite lengthy. Preparation is advised before attempting the mission.


  1. Talk to Andras. You will receive the shadow mission, The Fomor Secret Experiment Investigation. You may bring another player to assist you.
    • You will start just south of the Taillteann south gate. There will be a box with 5 Arat Berry Supply
    • Clear all the switches around Shadow Taillteann.
    • After clearing all the switches, a cutscene will occur. Afterwards, head to the town square to fight another wave of enemies with Leymore.
    • After the first wave, a cutscene will occur, where Leymore will give you a Torque of Alchemy, create a Barrier Spike, and leave. A second wave of enemies will spawn.
    • After the second wave, another cutscene will occur. A Shadow Commander named Tethra will appear. He has Life Drain to absorb the HP of his enemies around him and can summon Snow Golems when on low HP.
    • A cutscene occurs upon defeating Tethra.
  2. Give Dorren the Torque.
  3. Talk to Berched. Complete the quest (8,000 EXP). Wait for the next two quests.

Jenna and Leymore

Jandl.PNG Name Jenna and Leymore NPC Collen

This quest is a side story. You will do it because you need to talk to Collen later in the story, but completing the quest is optional and it can be left in a finished state indefinitely.


  1. Talk to Collen. A cutscene will occur.
  2. (Optional) Complete the quest (8,000 EXP).

Shadow Expeditionary Force

Heart of Courcle Sketch.png Name Shadow Expeditionary Force NPC Andras

  1. Talk to Andras. You will receive the Shadow Mission Sketch the Heart of Courcle, along with 2 Sketch Papers.
    • You may bring two other people with you.
    • Clear the switches around Shadow Taillteann, then head to the town square and sketch the Heart of Courcle.
      • Defeat the Shadow Alchemists guarding the Heart of Courcle to complete the Shadow Mission. Be sure to sketch the artifact before leaving.
      • You only have to sketch the artifact once, even though you are given two pieces of Sketch Paper.
  2. Talk to Granat.
  3. Talk to Karpfen. You will receive the Shadow Mission Scouting Mission.
    • You may bring up to 4 other people to assist you.
    • Move forward. Around the entrance are Ice Mine traps.
      • If possible, you may summon a mount and ride on it until it freezes. When it freezes, the people on top will not be frozen and the pet can be desummoned to prevent it from taking damage. However, when you resummon it, the pet will act as if it were "frozen" and be unable to move for a while.
    • A cutscene will occur after moving past the Ice Mines. Defeat Glas Ghaibhleann.
      • Glas Ghaibhleann summons Crag Cows, which have a 100% injury rate and multi-aggro.
        • If a Crag Cow is hit three times by Wind Blast, the Crag Cow will become "bewildered" and attack Glas Ghaibhleann for a while.
        • It is recommended to lure Glas Ghaibhleann away from the Crag Cows.
    • A cutscene will occur after defeating Glas Ghaibhleann. A powerful Shadow Alchemist named Tiamat then takes its place.
      • Unlike regular Shadow Alchemists, Tiamat can use summon Snow Golems, and can also use the Bewilder skill to flip your screen upside down, making it harder to navigate.
    • One last cutscene occurs after the defeat of Tiamat. You will also learn Life Drain at Novice Rank.
  4. Complete the quest (15,000 EXP) and wait for the next quest.

Collen's Request

Dragon's Symbol.png Name Collen's Request NPC Collen, Jenna, Andras, Karpfen, Granat

  1. Talk to Collen. A cutscene will occur.
  2. Complete the Shadow Mission, Rescue Jenna.
    • This is a solo mission. You will be accompanied by Jenna.
    • Jenna has high defense and is unlikely if not impossible to be defeated.
    • You will fight 8 waves of 4 enemies. As soon a wave is defeated, the next will spawn instantly.
    • Enemies come in from two sides: Shadow Archer x2 on one side. Shadow Fighter x1, Shadow Lancer x1 on the other. #* They all have fast detection and an extremely wide aggro range.
    • If you are Knocked Unconscious, you can just wait for Jenna to kill all the monsters. However if you happen to be knocked out far away from Jenna, she may not aggro the enemies.
    • After defeating all the waves, a cutscene will occur. Afterward, you will be teleported to Renes and receive a Dragon's Symbol.
  3. Complete the quest (15,000 EXP) and wait for the next one.

Adniel's Call

Dragon Support.png

Adniel's Horn Bugle.png

Name Adniel's Call NPC Adniel

  1. Enter Renes. A cutscene will occur. You will receive Adniel's Horn Bugle (storeable in the Me Inventory tab), which allows you to use the Dragon Support Action.
    • If another quest is accounted to enter Renes (e.g. Threat in Renes, Generation 8), this quest has priority over them.
    • The Horn is bound to the player. It can be destroyed, which is the only way to dispose it. Doing so will prevent you from using the Action. You may talk to Legatus for another one.
    • Note: Until you have finished Generation 8, you cannot use the Horn Bugle for any battle other than the one with Claimh Solas in the finale.
  2. Complete the quest (10,000 EXP) and wait for the next one.

Entrance of Noitar Arat

Shadow Mirror.png Name Entrance of Noitar Arat NPC Berched

Anyone who has The Finale can finish it in a group to get the enchant and title together.
The Last Battle will be a long drawn out fight with you and various NPCs. You are to be well prepared before attempting the mission. Supplies you will want to bring may include, but not limited to, potions, Phoenix Feathers, Bandages, and/or Advanced Phoenix Feathers for someone to spot you, in the case you get Knocked Unconscious. Healing NPCs is advised after every wave, if possible.


  1. Talk to Berched. You will receive a Shadow Mirror and the shadow mission, The Last Battle.
  2. Prevent the Transmuation of Claimh Solas. Enter the shadow mission, The Last Battle. You may bring up to seven players to assist you, and every player will get credit if they are on the same quest.
    • You will start the mission at the center hill of Sliab Cuilin. Your NPC allies are below the hill.
    • The goal is to fight waves of enemies along with Andras, Granat, Karpfen, and two of their race helpers for about 15 minutes.
    • Enemies include Shadow Fighters, Shadow Lancers, Shadow Archers, Shadow Warriors, Shadow Alchemists, and Golems.
    • If any race leader or both of their subordinates fall, or if there are too many enemies on the field, the mission will end in failure.
    • Your NPC allies and the enemy forces have an AI setting where they will only be active and fighting while a player is within their detection range. Enemies will continue to spawn at a defined interval regardless of if the previous enemies have been defeated or not.
      • Therefore, if you can handle the enemies easily, it is possible to start your own timer when the mission begins, stay in place where you started for 7 minutes, then enter the area of your NPC allies to defeat all enemies. After you have defeated all enemies and the timer is past 7 minutes and 30 seconds, you may leave the area and simply wait until the mission ends. Don't wait too long, if defeated enemies have not disappeared before 9 minutes, the mission will fail.
    • Anecdotally: The above strategy may be out of date, as I cleared 3-7 waves rather quickly and immediately completed the quest.
  3. Upon completion of the previous mission, you will receive the shadow mission The Finale. You may bring up to seven players to assist you, and every player will get credit if they are on the same quest.
    • You will start the mission near Beacan Mound outside Taillteann. First you will watch a cutscene upon entering the mission.
    • After the cutscene, you will fight Tethra who is accompanied by a group of similar enemies as seen in the previous mission. Leymore, Jenna, and several other NPCs will also aid you. Defeat Thethra to continue the mission. Afterwards a cutscene will occur.
    • Head over to the south gate of shadow Taillteann and defeat the enemies there. They will be surrounded by two arcs of Barrier Spikes, but you can slip past the spikes from the east by staying close to the wall. Another cutscene will occur then the south gate of Taillteann will open.
    • Enter Taillteann and defeat the group of enemies surrounding Cai. A cutscene will occur. Five enemies will appear ahead of you, defeat them and a cutscene will occur. Finally, you will be moved to the center of Taillteann, where Cai is attempting to stop the transmutation. Another large group of enemies has appeared. Defeat them for another cutscene.
    • Cai will leave you to go get help. The battle with Claimh Solas begins.
      • Claimh Solas attacks with a large swipe in front of it, create shockwaves all around it, or charge across a large portion of the room while tramping anything in its way.
      • At half HP, a cutscene will play and it will power up and fully heal. It will gain a new attack: Light of Sword, which summons several blades to track and rain down upon its enemies. The Light of Sword can be evaded by running around.
      • At about 1/3 HP the roof is destroyed, allowing you to use Adniel's Horn Bugle. However, Claimh Solas will receive much less damage at this point. Adniel must be summoned and its meteor must hit Claimh Solas to allow damage to return to normal.
        • If you have not completed Generation 8, you will only have one chance to break Claimh's shield, unless you have another player in your party who has the bugle and has completed Generation 8. Waiting until 6:00 am in-game time will not allow for a second try.
      • After defeating Claimh Solas, one last cutscene occurs, ending Generation 9. The Shadow Mirror will disappear from your inventory.
  4. Complete the quest (30,000 EXP) to receive the Alchemist's enchant and the Shadow Hero title.

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