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An Adventurer's Memoir

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An Adventurer's Memoir[1]
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Written from a travel diary discovered in the Rabbie dungeon, this tale of dungeon exploration is very popular. It's thick and dense. On the cover flap, it says that this book is recommended for the beginner dungeon explorers who have not yet explored a dungeon.

Obtain From Aeira , Cave Sahagin Warrior , or Fishing
in Port Ceann or Avon
Price 1000
Tradability Tradable
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Other Servers KR JP TW CN
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

-A Traveler's Diary-

written by Yanto


There's something about Rabbie dungeon I cannot get enough of.

It's close from Dunbarton, and there's just something different about it...I just can't seem to put my finger on it. Dungeons are a place that constantly stimulates people's curiosity and desire for adventure. I believe there's something special about Rabbie dungeon that other dungeons don't have.

Apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks this way...I am starting find more junk inside Rabbie than in other dungeons.

A couple months ago, I was exploring the Rabbie dungeon and found a small travel notebook in the corner of a room. Covered in cobwebs, I dusted the top off. Interestingly, it seemed to be a record of a traveler who came here quite some time ago. The notebook seemed to be a record of this person's exploration. Ironically, the author of this notebook started off his log by mentioning that he had picked up a book...just like I had. I was really curious what the rest of the book had to say, but the book was worn out and barely legible, and the dark dungeon was not an ideal place to read either. I decided to put it away so that I could read the rest when I get home.

The contents inside the book were utterly shocking as well as thought provoking. It was beyond words...

I had to really think about it for a long time...Should I tell someone about this book, or should I hold on to it for myself? One day, I concluded that others need to know about this journal and decided to publish it as a book. This is why I started writing this book.

Minus a few grammatical mistakes and small details, I have tried to stay true to the original document as much as possible. However, this proved to be much harder than I first thought. I was frustrated at the fact that I could not fully capture the emotions stored in the writings. I could not transfer over the intangible contents such as the visible marks on and the pages and the handwriting, which spoke louder than the words sometimes. I have tried my best, and all I could hope for is that I have brought out the true colors of what was written in this notebook.

In the end, I pray for Morrighan's blessing on all those who read this...

-Alban Eiler 3rd day. Yanto

The Travel Notebook I found in the Dungeon

(neatly written)

You get one shot in life. The lady at the City Hall laughed at me earlier when I said this, but it's because she doesn't know anything about life yet.

No matter how hard you try in life, you only get one chance. The rich will only get richer as the poor will only get poorer. A woodcutter will always cut wood, and a shepherd will always watch over sheep. The one who already has many friends will make more friends and the one who is alone will always be alone. These unforeseen circumstances are out of our hands. It can't be altered by effort or talent. It's just luck. When luck comes knocking on your door, you seize the opportunity. Like I get only get one chance in life.

A few days ago, when the Palala was going down, I found a book on the ground. It was buried under a pile of dirt and it happen to catch my eyes. The cover was worn out and about to rip off. I almost didn't notice, but the book still had its seal and was not opened.

Seal... means that the magic energy contained in the book is still there. Contrary to the appearance of the book, it was a pretty expensive item. With an item like this, I could buy a pair of fancy clothes, eat at a fancy restaurant till my stomach is full and even have some extra change for tip.

Finding a book like this on the ground is like winning the lottery, it was just my luck. This was my one chance in life.

However, the book was too worn out and my outfit was too plain. No one would buy it from me. And what if someone lost this book and claim it's theirs? I won't be able to do business here again. News in Dunbarton travels faster than owls.

I concluded that selling the book might be harder than I thought, and I decided to try to read the book instead. You know, I taught myself how to learn, and I am confident in my intellect. Figuring out the meaning of life at the age of 19? Come on now, that's not too bad right?

During the evening, I went behind behind a building, deep inside an ally. I carefully took off the seal and began reading the book written by a person named Tanwen. The book was about a magic called Firebolt. I can't say it was a fun book, but since it was talking about magic, it was somewhat interesting.

And then it happened. Just as I was about to close the book after finishing it, a sensation I had never felt before circulated through my body.

Is this the feeling of Mana that I had always heard of...? It felt like something bright was spreading from behind my head and through my body. It was a sensation I had never felt was as if the dormant power of Mana within me was awakening and I was becoming one with the universe...I felt like I was born again.

Did I...learn the Firebolt magic? I focused the Mana and soon enough, a small flame appeared. Amazing!

It's not that I didn't expect this to happen at all- wait, let me rephrase that- if I wasn't expecting anything I wouldn't have opened the seal on this expensive book, but I didn't know I would obtain the magic this easily. This means I have the potential to become a magician! I was so excited. Who can explain the joy of a poor country boy who can barely find food to eat who just realized that he is a magician?

mmm...I want to explain it more in detail, but I'm too lazy right now. I'll end it here for today.

(Similar handwriting from yesterday)

Since last night, I was reborn as a Wizard. I thought about how I should live my life now. I am not a nobody anymore! I am a valuable commodity. People will ask me for my help and I will earn lots of treasure and rewards.

Also, after I realized I had magic powers, I was determined to train it and become a great Wizard. To do this, I would need to learn other magic as well.

I went to the school and explained my potential and told the teacher how I mastered the Firebolt skill in about one hour. But this teacher with nerdy glasses didn't seem impressed at all! Rather, he just asked for an expensive tuition fee.


It seems like I will have to study on my own. I learned the Firebolt on my own anyway; the others should be easy as well.

I went to the nearest Bookstore.

There were a few interesting magic books, but why are they so expensive?! This isn't working out.

Who cares. I already know the Firebolt. I'll just use this for now and help adventurers and earn some reward. Then I'll save enough money to buy the magic books in no time.

Today didn't quite work out the way I had planned, but tomorrow, I'm going to head to the Town Square. If I'm lucky, I might be able to join a Party that needs a wizard.

(The writing is a bit shaky)

Unlike yesterday, today was a better day. I even made some new friends. I am currently in front of Rabbie dungeon, camping with these new friends.

These guys were recruiting for their Party at the Dunbarton Square. Right when I arrived at the square, I saw their recruiting ad.

'Rabbie Dungeon Exploration Team Recruit! This is your one chance! We are looking for brave warriors.'

hmm....I'm already liking these guys.

First, I went to the one who seemed to be the leader and asked if they needed a wizard. He was a well built and dark skinned warrior with a Broad Sword on his side. His sharp eyes were intimidating even from a distance.

He looked at my frame and outfit and didn't seem too thrilled, but once I demonstrated my Firebolt skill, he called out for the skinny young man with a three-colored robe. Eamon was his name, and he seemed impressed with my skills and smiled as he looked at my Firebolt.

I was in! I was then introduced to all the other teammates.

The quiet leader's name was Ryul. He was a man in his mid 30's traveling throughout the world. He had heard about the treasure inside Rabbie dungeon from Eamon at the Bangor Bar and came here. He seemed like a guy who doesn't liked to be tied down.

Eamon was a wizard, maybe in his late twenties. From his slow relaxed speech and mannerisms, he seemed like skilled wizard (That's probably why he recognized my skills). One thing that bothered me was that his was a bit too tight for him.

There was also a bard named Tamara who seemed a few years older than me. She had a high level First-Aid skill. From what I observed, she seemed to be Ryul's girlfriend. She wasn't really my type, but the other men in the Party drooled each time she passed by.

When Tamara left to get some emergency food for our adventure, a large man holding a club joined the Party. He said his name was Willis. Willis was in his early thirties. He had a tight torque around his thick neck, and though he was round, he looked pretty strong.

With the addition of Willis, our team was set. We were ready to go inside Rabbie dungeon.

While Tamara was out gathering eggs for our trip, the rest of us did some last minute shopping. By the time we got to the entrance of Rabbie dungeon, it was already deep into the night and we decided to camp out for the night.


So now, here we are sitting around the campfire listening to Tamara sing. hmmm, she plays the instrument well, but her voice is horrendous.

I've changed so much during these few days...

(Messy handwriting)

ha...masters can recognize another master...


(Small neat handwriting)

You call this a diary?

It's so boring.


(Back to regular handwriting)

I think I fell asleep while I was writing my last entry. We've been walking around so much, I don't even know how I fell asleep.

Today was the first day of our exploration. It was full of excitement and suspense. We even collected some money. One more week of this, and I'll be able to buy that expensive magic book.

I feel like I need to write everything that happened from the beginning. Once we entered the dungeon's entrance, there was a goddess statue that looked to be made out of marble.

Ryul went up to the statue and dusted off the altar to place something there. He said the goddess was Morrighan, the protector of the warriors, and that it was made of granite. (granite, marble...same thing~)

Eamon continued by saying that there is a spell on the goddess statue; that depending on the item you place on the altar she transports you to different places. I was curious as to how this worked but I thought it would hurt my head and didn't ask. We all went up on the altar as Tamara placed her poetry book on the altar.

Everything turned blurry as a bright light enveloped us. By the time we could see again, we were in front of another goddess statue in a dark dungeon room.

It was very damp and dark, definitely an eery place. It was much colder than outside as well. I thought it's supposed to get hotter as you go underground...

Willis kept making fun of me, teasing me if this was my first dungeon. If it wasn't for the others, I would've blasted him with a Firebolt. Everyone has to start somewhere...geez. It's not like he was born in a dungeon...

Also, Willis was exceptionally nice to Tamara, knowing that she was Ryul's girlfriend. You know....being overly polite to her when she's way younger than him, or offering to carry her bags. He's probably trying to get more of the treasure from Ryul by kissing his girlfriend's butt. If it wasn't for Eamon nudging me, the others would have seen my disgruntled face.

Anyway, late this evening, we ventured out of the dungeon entrance into our first room. All we could hear was the echoes of our own footsteps mixed with the rhythmic sound of water drops... We carefully investigated each step of the way as Eamon warned us that there could be monsters.

A little later, Eamon called everyone together to an old treasure chest. Ryul used the edge of his sword to open it, making sure that was gold inside it. I couldn't stand looking at Willis' face, was filled with greed. Thankfully Ryul divided the gold evenly to everyone. I'm glad I chose a Party with a good leader. I was excited that we found treasure already in the beginning of our exploration. What a great start. This is definitely my one chance, and I took it!

(The handwriting is shaky)

What goes up comes back down...

Our good fortune ended. Willis got severely hurt... According to Tamara, he might even die. I am on night watch writing this entry.

Few hours ago, we were passing through the rooms.

Willis was in the front scouting the area, and the rest of us were following him with Ryul in the front of the group and Eamon in the back. The rooms seemed safe but we didn't let our guard down.

That's when it happened. When Willis stepped into the next room (the room we're in right now), a swarm of bats appeared and began attacking him. He tried swinging his large club but there were just too many of them. He was soon covered by bats as he screamed for help. We immediately rushed towards the room, but the bats were too quick. They all disappeared by the time we got there, and Willis was lying on the ground, wounded badly.

Tamara looked for her First-Aid kit until she realized that Willis was holding onto all of her things. When the bats attacked him, the bandages and all other items needed for First-Aid got dirty or disappeared. Tamara couldn't heal him. At this point, keeping him alive was a bigger challenge.

I was so frustrated that my Firebolt or Eamon's Icebolt couldn't do anything to to help him.

All we could do at this point was to make a campfire and give him emergency potions. The potions only temporarily sustain life but it doesn't recover the wounds.

Although it was still early, we decided to stop for the day. We were still dumbfounded that we were attacked by a group bats...but we were also afraid of what other monsters lied ahead.

Ryul decided to rotate us for night watch. I was up first, then Tamara, Eamon, then it was Ryul. However, even on my night watch, I heard the rustling noise from the rest of the team. I guess it would've been more strange if they were able to peacefully sleep.

I wonder if Willis will be able to continue with the dungeon exploration. If we take him with us, how much of a burden will he be? Should we turn back now?

These were questions we all thought about, but we didn't have a clear answer. I wonder what Willis was thinking.

(The writing is severely shaky with drop of blood)

Today, the nightmare continued...

We awoke to a loud noise. It was Tamara screaming. I rubbed my eyes to see. There was a group of rats, the size of a dog, attacking our team.

I rushed over and joined the mix with my Firebolt. The rats flew across the room as the flames instantly burned them.

These rats were tricky, ganging up on one person at a time. I didn't have enough time to charge my Firebolt.

Each time they started to run towards me, Ryul came between us and struck them. Then I was able to charge my Firebolt and helped Ryul out.

After the battle, the place was a disaster. Also, Willis' wounds seemed to have worsened. He had a new wound across his neck, covering his toque with his red blood.

Thankfully, no one else was severely wounded but a lot of our items were missing or it broke during the fight. Ryul's portion of gold was missing as well as most of the remaining food. All the eggs we brought cracked during our fight as well. We were devastated.

No one knew when and how the rats appeared, but later we found out from Tamara that Eamon carelessly touched a relic he found during his night watch and the rats suddenly appeared. After hearing this Ryul and Eamon had a heated argument.

We packed the rest of our things and proceeded. The path became increasingly more confusing, and after awhile, we didn't even know where we were.

The excitement we felt in the beginning of the exploration was all gone. Even as I write this, Tamara and Eamon are arguing whether we should continue the exploration or turn back. Please... stop and let's get some sleep. Please!

(Rushed writing)

This morning, Willis died.

We gathered some rocks near by and buried his body.

Everyone was in a somber mood.

(Really Messy writing)

Our exploration slowly became more difficult. Today, Eamon collapsed.

It was a Skeleton Wolf. I didn't know they really existed...

They rushed towards us as soon as the room opened. Just like the bats who killed Willis... But we were somewhat prepared this time as Eamon and I had our Firebolt and Icebolt charged. Everytime a Skeleton Wolf jumped out, we struck it immediately.

Eamon's Icebolt attack rate was fast which was especially helpful. I don't know if the wolves figured this out, but they started ganging up on Eamon. We tried to protect Eamon with all our might. However, both Eamon and I were running low on Mana and it was taking longer to charge. .

Eamon quickly tried to drink a Mana potion but the Skeleton Wolf didn't just sit back and watch. While Ryul was busy fighting another wolf, one rushed Eamon and knocked him to the ground and began attacking him.

It was a sheer nightmare.

I was gripped with fear that I couldn't do anything. Ryul quickly reacted and smashed the wolf, but it was too late. I couldn't stop shaking, while Tamara calmly looked through Eamon's bag for anything useful.

We didn't even think about burying Eamon as we run out of the room as fast as we could.

I don't ever want to go back...I don't know what to say anymore.

After Willis died, the Party was able to move much quicker, but we should've realized that it wouldn't get safer...

If we could go back, we would, but I think we're into deep now...

(Relatively neat writing)

I'm tired.
We ran out of firewood for the campfire. There is no more fire.

We're slowly running out of food to eat. Tamara is suggesting that we just retrace our steps back to the entrance of the dungeon. Ryul says that it'll take too long and that the only way to get out of here is through the sealed room.

I just want to get out of this hell hole...

Ryul hurt his arm today. I was surprised that a warrior like him could get hurt. He wasn't even being careless. As usual, he opened the treasure chest with the edge of his sword. It's not like the sword slipped either.

The problem was that the treasure chest was a monster... It was a monster disguised as a treasure chest. Although Ryul immediately smashed it, he was deeply wounded. I had never seen such a strange monster.

But come to think of it, it was a bit strange to see a room full of treasure chests. At first we thought our exploration just got better...but perhaps we let our guard down.

Tamara accused Ryul of becoming greedy after losing his portion of gold. I don't know how Ryul was able to be so patient in an already horrible situation. If anything, he seemed upset at the fact that he let a silly monster hurt him.

Now that we don't even have fire, I don't know what we're going to do.

i wonder if there's a way to use flames from the Firebolt to warm my body.

(Relatively neat but the hands seem numb)

When I woke up this morning, my body was numb all over. It's probably because the fire died in the middle of the night. The cold air from the dungeon seeped through my body and was making me shiver.

We decided to go all the way to the sealed room as Ryul suggested, and so our journey continued. The only good thing was that the sealed room was not too far away.

When we arrived in front of the room, the room was locked with a giant lock and chains all around it. There wasn't a key to open the lock and it seemed impossible even for Ryul to break the chains.

I wonder why this room is locked so tightly... If we're lucky, we just might find treasure in there. But on the other hand, there's a chance that we'll run into more monsters.

If we decide to skip out on our chances, that means we would have to go all the way back to the entrance.

We have nothing to eat, no firewood, and nothing to heal any injuries. Even if we decide to go back, it will take a lot of time. Will we be able to make it back with nothing?

After thinking it through, we decided our best chance of making it out alive would be to go through the room. However, we didn't know how we were going to open the door. Where are we going to find the matching key?

Firebolt was useless in the dark. It did make it a little bit brighter...just enough for me to write this entry.

(The writing is barely legible)

Oh, what disaster!

Let me try to write what happened from the beginning.

When I woke up this morning, I never knew this would happen.

Without any fire, we couldn't sleep much, and we were definitely tired from this whole journey. But we were hopeful knowing that we were so close to the end.

At least that's how the day started...

We shared the few leftover bread we had for breakfast. We still didn't know how to break the seal on the door but we all agreed that we had to break it to get out of this dungeon. We head back to carefully see if we missed the key somehow. I was the first to turn back towards the other rooms...and then...

five or six, maybe more Skeletons were standing in my way. They slowly approached me as their bones made a clanking noise each time they moved. There was a small flame inside the Skeleton's eye socket that was burning with evil...

Thankfully Tamara and Ryul were right behind me, but we were still shorthanded.

This didn't look good. Tamara used her arrows but it didn't seem to damage the Skeletons. Ryul's was not the same as before either, especially with his injury.

I didn't have enough Mana because I had used it here and there for heat and light.

We were slowly cornered. We agreed that instead of fighting all of them, we just had to attack one of them so that we can escape through.

On signal, we rushed towards the Skeleton that was the most isolated. Ryul paved the way as Tamara and I watched his back. (I hurt my leg in the process)

Then suddenly, something bewildering caught our of the Skeletons had a large round shape...a short thick neck...and the toque that Willis was wearing...

All three of us stood there and we were lost for words. Soon Tamara was surrounded by the Skeletons. Ryul immediately ran to help but it was too much to handle. I charged up a Firebolt but it was useless as well. There were just too many of them. We heard a loud thump, which was followed by a loud scream. I couldn't take it anymore and I just ran away by myself. By the time I came out of the room, I couldn't hear anything.

What will happen to me if I die? I tried to find my way back towards the entrance, hiding at the safest looking place. I had seen the answer to that question with my own two eyes. They came to help me when I was in danger, but I couldn't do anything to help them...

The Skeletons didn't seem to be chasing me anymore. The injury on my leg started to sting...dang it.

I also realized that I was completely drained. Food, medicine...I have nothing.

(The writing is a complete mess)

I'm cold...and hungry. I don't know how many days I've been wandering.

I don't even have much space left to write anymore.

I was slowly running out of Mana as more light.

So cold...shivering... The cold air is piercing my bones...I'm getting sick. I just need something to eat...

(It looks like it was written with shaky hands)

My fever went down a little bit. But it's still cold...even when I cover my head with the robe. I tried using Firebolt with the Mana I had left, but it kept going out.

I can't tell if it's day or night. I just guess that it's night when my Mana charges up. My injured leg is making it hard to walk. I think all I can do now is wait for help.

(It is almost impossible to read)

I'm scared. The darkness is scaring me. I'm constantly on edge because of monsters that might appear. I'm also scared that Tamara and Ryul will haunt me.

Will someone find me? Who will come to this middle of no where? I don't believe in a god. Now, I just hope that this diary will be discovered.
There is a sense of despair knowing that I will slowly die here all alone in isolation and that no one outside will know or remember my existence. The fact that no one is looking for me or thinking of me is a scary and lonely thought...

If I am not rescued, I hope at least that my diary will be discovered. I hope that others who decide to come here will not repeat our foolish mistakes. Please, if there is anyone reading this, learn from our mistakes.

And if someone does discover these writings, please tell those who knew me, what happened here. Although, I don't know if there is anyone that cares about me...

Once chance in life...?

Come what may.

(No more writing, just blood stains)


That is the last page. I can't even begin to imagine the author's last final moments.

Despite their passion for adventure, they saw their death due to the lack of preparation and information.

As a person introducing these writings, I hope that those who read this will take heed if they are preparing to venture into a dungeon, even if it's not Rabbie dungeon.

I hope that this story will be passed on from person to person so that these lessons can be learned and these mistakes never repeated.