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For a list of the Archelon family, see here.

Shadow Monster Archelon

Shadow Mission
Melee Hits Running Speed Detection Speed Detection Range Aggressive Aggression Element
? Medium Fast Far
- None
Mission Difficulty Hit Points Melee Damage Ranged Damage Def. (Prot.) Experience Gold Combat Power
4,000,000 ? - ? (80%) ? ? 10,000

Basic Information

Spouts that appear around Archelon
Water Recovery
  • Upon reaching around 80% health, Archelon will begin it's healing phase where players must lure Archelon into the four water spouts surrounding it to stop its healing.
    • Archelon's healing phase is indicated by when it uses its Water Recovery skill.
    • One can prep to prevent the healing whenever the four spouts appear around Archelon.
    • If Archelon's healing is not prevented, it will heal back up to 25%(?) HP along with wounds.
      • The healing is immediate, however occasionally the boss's health bar does not update immediately when healed.
    • Alternatively, the player with aggro on Archelon may deaggro to stop Archelon's healing.
      • This method only temporarily cancels its skill, but it will immediately try to heal again.
      • Methods for pulling/dropping aggro:
        • Use Celestial Spike to pull aggro onto yourself, then use Crisis Escape to drop aggro
        • Summon Bone Dragon and use the pet skill Devil's Cry to pull aggro onto the pet (itself), then desummon pet to drop aggro.
        • Summon Fallen Fairy and her AOE on summon will pull aggro onto the pet (itself), then desummon pet to drop aggro.
  • At around 30% health, a purple bar of 700,000 HP will appear and Archelon will cover crouch in its shell and players must clear the purple bar in order to keep damaging it.