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Arrogant Enemy

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For other g19 missions, see Category:G19 Shadow Missions.
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  • This mission is part of Generation 19: The Divine Knights.
  • Simply survive from Girgashiy for 1 minute to start a cutscene.
    • Avelin will aid you.
    • All damage done to Girgashiy is reduced to 1.
    • Girgashiy can use Staff Swing and cast Soul Absorption on you which reduces your HP by 5% of your Maximum HP every second.
  • After the cutscene you will have to defeat Girgashiy.
    • Talvish will assist you, along with Avelin.

Mission Information

  • Mission Details: A mysterious enemy has appeared. Check it out.
  • Info: Defeat the enemy



EXP Gold
Basic  ?  ?
Intermediate 18,000 1,400
Advanced  ?  ?
Hard 50,000 3,000