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For battle data, see Talvish (Monster).
Portrait of TalvishFile:Talvish.png
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Alban Knight

(Elved Unit Commander)

Location Sanctum
(After G25, Fridays only)
Track With Steps Slow and Steady
My name is Talvish. I am a member of the Alban Knights. It is an honor to meet such an accomplished hero.


—Talvish, Generation 19

Website Description

Talvish represents the gold standard for Alban Knights, and is the leader of the Elved Unit. Righteous and strong, he protects and shield his allies from enemy advances. [1]


A man in ornate heavy armor surveys the area with an airy grin.

Talvish is the captain of the Elved Unit of the Alban Knights and a critical character throughout The Divine Knights. He is sensible, considerate, and charismatic, often looking after the other knights regardless of unit. Additionally, he has an amiable personality considered too lax by some of the other captains.


Mainstream Story




Track Title
With Steps Slow and Steady
Cutscenes involving Talvish
The First Sword of Aton Cimeni
G21 Boss theme


  • He is proficient with Shield of Trust.
  • The Latin phrase ego autem quid possum (meaning I am but what I can) was originally associated with Talvish in G21 promotional videos.
    • The phrase is also found in the deuterocanonical Book of Baruch: Ego autem quid possum adiuvare vos (meaning But what can I do to help you?).
  • The line from Macbeth fair is foul, and foul is fair was later associated with Talvish in G21 promotional artwork.
    • The reason for the switch is not known.
  • His NA track title used to be translated as The Knights of God.
    • The Korean name of his theme is something akin to If you slow down a little, you'll get a little better.[2]