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Artisan Upgrade Removal Kit

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Inventory icon of Artisan Upgrade Removal Kit

2 × 2
Stack: 20

A kit that allows you to undo an Artisan Upgrade. Using this kit will return your equipment to the stage previous to the Artisan Upgrade. When used, the consumed EXP will be returned and you will be able to perform an Artisan Upgrade or a Normal Upgrade on the item again. If an additional upgrade has been performed on the item since the Artisan Upgrade, it cannot be restored.

Basic Information

  • When used, it will downgrade the weapon one time.
  • It can only be used when the Artisan Upgrade is the last upgrade performed.
  • All proficiency will return to the equipment, max being at 100.
  • An equipment can be downgraded as many times as desired, but the Artisan Upgrade Removal Kit will disappear after one use.
  • Can be traded if purchased after the Cash Shop Revamp update. Versions purchased before the update can not be traded.

Methods to Obtain