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Artisan Upgrade

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Artisan Upgrades are upgrades that can be used on the final upgrade slot on certain item. Adds player stats from a predetermined range. It is possible to receive a boost from anywhere in the range. Sometimes a stat boost or deduction may not be applied at all.


  • Only the final normal upgrade can be the artisan upgrade for any piece of equipment.
    • Each Artisan Upgrade requires 100 proficiency.
      • The exception to this is the Mace of Mercy, which requires 30 instead.
    • The Artisan Upgrade will cost between 20,000 and 80,000 Gold.
  • The upgrade boosts or decreases specific player stats. See below for specifics.
  • Receiving multiple stat upgrades is not guaranteed, although it is possible.
  • Artisan Upgrade will not always give all the stats listed.
    • It should be noted that the "minimum" stat gain is the lowest possible amount the player would receive if the stat is applied. For example, a Glory Sword will never get less than 22 Luck, but only if the Luck is actually applied to the weapon in the first place.
      • In other words, it is possible for a stat to not be applied when going through an Artisan Upgrade.
    • This means the minimum roll for an artisan upgrade is never 0.
    • Applied stats will appear on the item under [Artisan Upgrade].
  • Artisan upgrades can stack if you have two weapons. For example, if you are dual wielding two +60 Strength weapons, you will receive 120 Strength, increasing damage for BOTH weapons.
  • You can remove an Artisan Upgrade by using an Artisan Upgrade Removal Kit available through the in-game Item Shop.
    • The Artisan Upgrade Removal Kit will restore the item to 100 proficiency and open the last upgrade slot, but the gold spent will not be returned.
  • It is not necessary to use Artisan Upgrades in order to qualify for Special Upgrades.

Artisan Upgrades for Weapons

Collected tables of Artisan Upgrades for weapons. Lists may be incomplete.

Artisan Upgrades for Armor

All armor items have the same Artisan Upgrade for their type.


Upgrades are at Simon, Brenda or Effie for 20,000 gold

  • Defense: +1 ~ +3
  • Protection: +1 ~ +2
  • Maximum HP: +1 ~ +5
  • Will: +5 ~ +10

Light Armor

Upgrades are at Elen for 20,000 gold

  • Defense: +1 ~ +3
  • Protection: +1 ~ +2
  • Maximum HP: +1 ~ +5
  • Will: +5 ~ +10

Heavy Armor

Upgrade are at Edern or Nicca for 20,000 gold.

  • Defense: +1 ~ +6
  • Maximum HP: +1 ~ +10
  • Will: +5 ~ +10

Artisan Upgrade for Shields

  • Defense: +1 ~ +2
  • Protection: +1 ~ +2
  • Maximum Stamina: +1 ~ +10
  • Will: +1 ~ +10
  • HP: +1 ~ +5