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B+ Bomb

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Inventory icon of B+ Bomb

1 × 1
Stack: 10

When backed into a corner, press ‘B'! A bomb that is designed to save the owner when surrounded by numerous monsters. When the bomb explodes, the monsters in the surrounding area will be damaged by the blow, but the users will not be affected by it. The item can also be used by clicking on it, but using the hotkey ‘B' will save a lot of time, so handle this bomb with great care.


  • When activated, the Bomb will trigger the "Hidden Bomb" skill which creates an explosion around the user, dealing damage to nearby enemies.
    • Hidden Bomb will knock down any enemy it hits unless it has Advanced Heavy Stander.
    • Hidden Bomb hits enemies up to 5 times for 5~150 damage per hit. The damage itself cannot be increased by any means, and is affected by the Defense stat.
    • Hidden Bomb ignores Protection when calculating Critical Hit chance.
  • Each B+ bomb is consumed after use.
  • You can have more than three B+ bombs saved up.
  • Default button is B.

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