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Caliburn's Secret

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For other Generation 10 missions, see Category:G10 Shadow Missions.
For other missions, see Category:Shadow Missions.
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  • This mission is part of Generation 10.
  • Defeat the three waves of monsters that spawn at the lookout tower.
  • Talk to Elatha near the Steam Ovens.
  • The difficulty of the mission is set for you and is based on your total level. See Generation 10 for more information.
  • Mission does not complete by itself, exit once you have talked to Elatha.

Mission Information

  • G10 Quest: Andras and Elatha
  • Party Size: 1
  • Time Limit: None
  • Royal Alchemist Assistance Allowed: No
  • Mission Details: You may be able to get some more information about the Shadow Realm from Elatha. I received word that Elatha is currently at Taillteann in the Shadow Realm. Please meet with Elatha. He may be able to tell you something useful.


Monster Spawn Patterns


Basic -
Intermediate 8,800