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Portrait of Elatha
Race Incubus
Gender Male
Occupation Shadow Walker
Location Shadow Realm

Track Andras's Music Box


His dark red eyes mimic the color of the skies in the Shadow Realm, and his deep, unfocused voice oozes like thick liquid through the dead air.

Elatha is an Incubus met in Shadow Walker after being contacted by Berched. He does not appear to be on the Fomorians' side.

He may also be found in Defeat Crag Cow and The Stones of Sliab Cuilin, where you can then talk to him about "Shadow Walker" and "Arat Berry." If "End Conversation" is chosen, Elatha disappears.

Mainstream Story


Rank 9
First Aid.png
Rank A
Rank 4
Rank 4
Rank 4
Rank 1
Combat Mastery.png
Rank 3
Critical Hit.png
Rank 2
Lightning Bolt.png
Rank 2
Rank 2
Rank 4
Ice Spear.png
Rank 3
Alchemy Mastery.png
Rank 6

Elatha's Equipment


  • In Irish Mythology, Elatha is the father of Bres, who served as King of the Tuatha de Danann after Nuada lost the throne after losing his arm. When Nuada reclaimed the throne and removed Bres from his position, Elatha refused to help Bres get it back unjustly, stating that he should not take by unjust actions what he could not keep by just actions.
  • Elatha is considered to be a "beautiful Fomor" in the Mythology, which may explain why he is portrayed as an Incubus.
  • Despite Elatha having Rank 6 Alchemy Mastery, he has no alchemy skills.
  • Although Berched says he found Elatha injured, he simply defeated Lebbaeus, and it does not show him injured.