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Capture the Flag (2009)

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November 11th, 2009 ~ November 24th, 2009
The Red Team's Robe
The Blue Team's Robe

Basic Information

Lorna and Pan just can’t settle their differences. Instead of just spewing insults at each other all day long, however, they’ve decided to battle for supremacy in fierce rounds of Capture the Flag. Everyone knows the game Capture the Flag. Two teams, on opposite sides of a field, rush to grab and then capture the opposing team’s flag before the other team can do the same. That’s where you come in! First, you have to pick whether you want to support Lorna or Pan. You can find the two feuding friends south of Tracy's logging camp in Uladh.

But here’s the problem: There are hundreds of other players choosing sides as well! It will take teamwork to achieve victory, so you have to choose the role you want to play on the field. Will you run the flag for your team? Will you be the fiercest flag-returner in all of Erinn? Or will your throw competition to the wind and wreak destruction across the battlefield, hunting down any opposing team member you can find?

The Capture the Flag event will start at 3:00pm (PST) and last 30 minutes. After a half hour break, players will again be able to participate in the event at 4:00pm (PST). This cycle will continue until the last game is held at 9:00pm (PST).

Be aggressive in accomplishing certain feats as you play Capture the Flag. Special titles will be granted to those who do an outstanding job defending or capturing flags and prove themselves invaluable to the team of their choice.

You will have your final chance to capture the flag on November 24th![1]


  • You cannot summon pets for any reason while you are on a team.
    • Make sure you have everything you need from your pets before you join a team.
  • You cannot use any transformations (i.e. Paladin, Dark Knight, Falcon, etc.).
  • Players not on a team cannot heal players currently on a team.
  • Escape bombs cannot be used.
  • Entering a camp will cause you to be kicked out of the CTF game. Presumably so will leaving Dugald Aisle region. Other than that it appears you can travel anywhere in the region.
  • If you join a team, you cannot summon pets even if you leave the region until the game is over.
  • You cannot use the hide action
  • If you are knocked unconscious and the game ends, you will have to pay normal penalties.
    • Trying to do so will result in a message of partly untranslated text appearing, and hide will not activate


"the Scoring Master" Title

  • +10 Dex, +10 Str, +10 Stamina.
  • Obtained through scoring the most points on a team during one game -- it doesn't matter if the team wins or loses.
  • In the event of a team tie -- the person who's name is listed such as, "Player and # other players", wins the title. Only the one who's name is listed will receive it, not everyone.

"the Stealing Master" Title

  • +15 Str, +15 Will.
  • Obtained through returning your team's flag by killing opposing team members who have stolen your flag. It is not necessary to rank on the scoreboard or to be the one that killed an opposing team member who has stolen your team flag, but there is evidence that it takes 11 or more steals to successfully get the title. Each flag returned will give you 1 point. (E.g. Members of the Blue team may return their flags that have been stolen by members of the Red team.)

"the Defending Master" Title

  • +15 Dex, +15 Int.

Scoring 40+ points from stealing only and possibly getting 1st place(Possibly: Obtained by killing the most players and being within the top three scores of your team. (Unconfirmed:Go to talk page for more details))

NPC Quotes

During the event Lorna and Pan both speak a number of two shared phrases and four personal ones; more may exist that are just more uncommon.


  • Lorna/Pan: "Capture the flag!"
  • Lorna/Pan: "The capture the flag event is in progress."


  • Lorna: "Hehe."
  • Lorna: "I'm hungry."
  • Lorna: "Now, Now, everyone join the beautiful Lorna's team!"
  • Lorna: "My name is Lorna Rissa, but you can just call me Lorna."


  • Pan: "Oh, why hello. My name is Pan."
  • Pan: "Come now, join Pan's blue team!"
  • Pan: "Hmmph that violent Lorna."
  • Pan: "Everyone knows that violent girls are unpopular."