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Lorna Rissa

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Portrait of Lorna
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Red Team Recruiter
Mabinogi Guide
Genesis Storyline Renewer
Location Capture The Flag Event in Dugald Aisle
(near Red Team's flag)
Summer Beach Day Event (2010) in Port Ceann
(Near Dock)
Water Balloon Event in Sliab Cuilin
(East Side)
Every Town in Uladh


Lorna Rissa is a recruiter for the Red Team in the Capture the Flag and the Water Balloon Throwing event.

Lorna also appears in every Uladh town after the Generation 16, Season 2 Update, offering all players made before said patch the option to redo any part of Chapter 1, or skip it entirely.

As of Generation 18, Episode 1 - Fate's Origin: The Demon update, she now helps players redeem Saga Viewing Coupons for various items.

Lorna & Pan

Lorna primarily appears with Pan in the Mabinogi game guide videos, Lorna & Pan, that can be found on Nexon's Mabinogi website, which was made as a "Beginner's Guide."

She stars as a "newbie" and is assisted (not always helpfully) by a black sheep named Pan. At times, she is enraged, curious, confused and even once appeared as a "Golem" (stated by Pan, when she was overweight). At one point, she had the ability to go "All Berserk" (as in make herself 2x taller than a Golem). She tends to nickname herself "Princess Warrior Lorna" (which is not an actual title). She has many misadventures, which are then resolved with Pan's help (although Pan may sometimes add to her problems before assisting in fixing them). She has a rival named Picaru from episode 7, who tends to mock & "shock" (Lightning Bolt) her a lot.


Select Advent of the Goddess Renewed
How to Get Quest

Log in after Generation 16, Season 2 Update.

Briefing You can select a generation from which to begin Advent of the Goddess Renewed. Remember, your decision is final! Make sure you have a stable connection first. - Shy -
  • Go to Uladh and talk to Shy[sic].
  • 5,000 Experience Points
Additional Information
  • Shy is a typo and refers to Lorna instead.

Saga Viewing Coupon Redemption

Upon completing an episode, the player may obtain a Saga Viewing Coupon from a Saga EP box of its respective episode. These coupons can be redeemed for any item Lorna offers. Certain items cost more coupons than others.

Lorna's Equipment


  • Lorna is actually a Milletian, stating that she had met Nao before starting her journey in Erinn.
  • In Episode 4 of Lorna & Pan, Lorna says that she is afraid of Goblins.
  • Lorna describes the monster's skill, Stomp, while the Golem is "taunting" her and Pan by circling around them. Newer players may be confused with this with the Giant-specific skill, Stomp.
  • In nearly every episode of Lorna & Pan, Lorna attacks Pan with her Lute at least once and later considers it as her "weapon."
  • In one event, players could transform into Giant Lorna.
  • In oversea servers, an NPC named Shy served as the assistant of helping existing players into replaying the new Chapter 1, replacing Lorna.
  • There is a realistic painting of Lorna and Pan located above the door to the Music Room in Tara Rath Castle.