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Portrait of PanFile:Pan.png
Race Sheep
Gender Male
Occupation Blue Team Recruiter
and Mabinogi Guide
Location Uladh
The Capture The Flag Event in Dugald Aisle
(near Blue Team's flag)
The Summer Beach Day Event (2010) in Port Ceann
(Near Moon Gate)

The Water Balloon Event in Sliab Cuilin
(West Side, near Cuilin Stones)


Pan is a recruiter for the Blue Team in the Capture the Flag and the Water Balloon Throwing event.

Pan also appears with Lorna in the Mabinogi game guide videos, Lorna & Pan, that can be found on Nexon's Mabinogi website.

Pan is a Black Sheep and unlike other sheep he can actually communicate with Humans; that is, he is capable of speech. He appears to be intelligent. He can Compose music, use Firebolt, and the like. He also has "the Bear Slayer with Bare Hands" title (though Lorna believed he "Kill-Stole" someone's attempt at killing a Bear, which just happened to her with a stray sheep). He tends to have a love/hate relationship with Lorna. He even states that Lorna uses her Lute as a "Weapon" (shown in nearly all the episodes, where she beats him up with it). However, he considers himself her friend.


  • Pan claims that his Firebolt is his signature move.
  • There is a surreal painting of Lorna and Pan located above the door to the Music Room in Tara Rath Castle.
  • According to the Cash Shop information on the Black Sheep Pet, Pan is a Merino Sheep "hybrid".
    • Pan has a black wool and white skin color which is not normally found in Merino Sheep; this combination is rarely found in any sheep.
      • Herdwick Sheep, which start black and whiten with age, are known to be able to have black wool and white skin concurrently.