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Basic Information

  • Accessories are equipment worn in the accessories slots.
  • A maximum of two accessories can be equipped.
    • Only one shoulder accessory can be equipped at any time.
    • Wearing Clothing allows for two accessories to be equipped.
    • Wearing Light Armor allows for only one accessory to be equipped.
    • Wearing Heavy Armor restricts the use of accessories.
      • Having Heavy Armor Mastery at Rank 9 or higher allows for one accessory to be equipped, and having it at Rank 3 or higher allows for two accessories to be equipped.
  • Accessories are neither gender-specific nor race-specific.
  • Most accessories may be enchanted, imbued with elements, reforged and/or sanctified.
    • This does not apply to shoulder accessories.
  • Shoulder accessories have a visual model that appears above the player's left shoulder, regardless of which slot they are placed in.
  • Halo accessories have a visual model that appears above the player's head.
  • Accessories have a lower passive durability loss (the amount lost every 5 minutes) than other equipment.
    • Their durability loss upon taking a hit is comparable to other equipment, however.
  • Accessory repairs are extremely expensive, often costing more than 40,000 gold per point.

For a comparison list, see Accessories List.


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