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Treasure Hunter Emblem

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A badge honoring those who follow in the Treasure Hunter's footsteps. It features the Treasure Hunter's logo, and allows the wearer to learn Treasure Hunter skills faster. If multiple badges are equipped, only the effect with the highest bonus value will apply.

Base Stats and Information

Icon of Treasure Hunter Emblem
2 × 2
Base Stats Limitations
Defense 0 Durability 50 Human M Human F Accessory
97% = 12,586 G
98% = 14,778 G
99% = 18,384 G
100% = 29,344 G
Protection 0 Upgrade 0 Elf M Elf F
Magic Defense 0
NPC Value?
0 G
Giant M Giant F
Magic Protection 0 Worn On Accessory Enchant Reforge
Enchant Types?
/ Accessory / 
Other Information
  • Cannot be dyed.
  • Can be destroyed.
  • Cannot be traded, mailed or sold to NPCs.
  • Cannot be stored in pets.
  • Can be moved throughout the account via bank.
  • Gives 50% to all Treasure Hunter-related skills.
    • Does not stack with other badges.
Obtained From?
Sold By?
  • None