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Baltane Seal Ring

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A mysterious ring that can be used to summon one of the Baltane Squires to your location.
Can be used 3 times a day. The summoned Squire will return to Avalon Gate after 5 minutes.
Your Squire cannot follow you if you move to another region, so watch were
[sic] you go.

Base Stats and Information

Icon of Baltane Seal Ring
1 × 1
Base Stats Limitations
Defense 2 Durability 10 Human M Human F Accessory
97% = 17,993 G
98% = 21,155 G
99% = 26,405 G
100% = 42,216 G
Protection 2 Upgrade 0 Elf M Elf F
Magic Defense 0
NPC Value?
0 G100 Giant M Giant F
Magic Protection 0 Worn On Accessory Enchant Reforge
Enchant Types?100 / Accessory / 
Other Information
  • Cannot be dyed.
  • Cannot be sold to NPCs.
  • Allows the player to summon one of the Baltane Squires.
  • Only one Baltane Seal Ring can be worn at a time.
Obtained From?100
Sold By?
  • None


Baltane Seal Ring Summon.png
  • Right click the ring while equipped and select "use" to summon a random Baltane Squire to assist you.
    • You may use this feature three times per real-life day.
      • Multiple rings do not share their daily summon limit.
    • You may only have one Squire summoned at a time.
      • Multiple rings do share their current summon limit.
    • You may hotkey this action.
      • The hotkey will darken if the ring is not equipped or if the equipped ring has no more daily summons.
  • Squires will follow behind slowly and will easily can get caught on corners; they also will not follow the player between maps.