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Category:Music Skills

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For the game's soundtrack, see OSTs.
  • Music Skills are skills related to the essence of music.
  • Music requires Instruments or Microphones to use.
    • Having a high rank of Song allows you to sing without a microphone.
    • Instruments with 0 durability will not permit use of any music skill.
      • Unless the rank of Song is 5 or higher.
  • Music essentially provides buffs to nearby party members as well as debuffs to enemies.
    • Music buffs will never stack with each other. The last one played will override the existing buff.
  • All skills that play a song aside from Playing Instrument and Song will have every note play perfectly.

Music Buff

  • There are 4 key factors in determining the outcome of your Music Buff Skills: the skill's rank, the quality of the performance, the Music Buff Effect, and Music Buff Duration.
  • Performance Quality is the multiplier used to boost your skills.
    • A normal performance has a 1x modifier.
    • An excellent/marvelous performance has a 1.1x modifier.
    • An inspiring/haunting performance has a 1.3x modifier.
  • Music Buff Effect is a hidden stat that contributes a boost to these skills.
    • Each Music Buff Effect point is a multiplicative amount to the skill's base buff effects.
    • Dischord's initial damage, Fantastic Chorus and Enthralling Performance's effect are not affected by Music Buff Effect.
    • Music Buff Effect points can only be obtained through ranking Playing Instrument, Song, Grandmaster Bard, upgrading Instruments, Enchants, Titles, and Reforges.
    • Music Buff is calculated as followed:
      • ( 1 + ( (Grandmaster Bard Talent Music Buff Effect Bonus + Playing Instrument Music Buff Effect
        + Song Music Buff Effect + Music Buff Effect titles + Instrument Music Buff upgrades
        + Music Buff enchants + Playing Instrument Effect reforge) * 0.01 ) ) * Performance Quality
        * Music Skill's Base Effect * ( 1 + ( Musical Knowledge Performance Effect reforge * 0.01 ) )
  • Music Buff Duration is, as the name implies, a hidden stat which contributes to the duration of Music Buff Skills.
    • Each Music Buff Duration point is worth +1 second duration on Music Buff Skills.
      • For example, a Grandmaster Bard's Music Buff Skills would last an additional 30 seconds with the unique effect active.
    • Dischord's debuff, Fantastic Chorus's duration and Enthralling Performance's bewildering are not affected by Music Buff Duration.
    • Music Buff Duration can be obtained through Music Talent Bonus, Enchants, and Reforges.

For skills that aren't implemented yet, go to Category:Unreleased Skills.

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