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Category:Pet Perks

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For a pet's skills, see Category:Pet Skills.
  • Pet Perks are special abilities that Pets can obtain through rebirthing while at or above level 100.
  • This pseudo-skillset is made up of 12 skills, 6 active Pet Perks and 6 Player Perks that act to boost the associated Pet Perk.
    • All Pet Perks require Pet Points (PP) to learn and rank up and must be trained by activating them multiple times.
      • Pet Perks are activated by filling the Perk Charge Gauge up to 100% by keeping the pet summoned, having the pet attack enemies, and having the pet receive attacks.
    • Player Perks require Ability Points (AP) to rank up and are trained by ranking up a pet's associated Pet Perk a certain number of times.
  • For a pet to learn a new perk, 5 of the Master's Pet points are required.
    • Pet Points can be transferred from the pet to the master by clicking the triangle icon next to the pet's PP amount.
  • While a pet can learn multiple Pet Perks, only one perk can be currently active during a pet's life.
    • A pet's active Pet Perk can be selected upon rebirth, if the pet is rebirthing at or above level 100.
  • Pet Perk ranks and activation requirements can be found by checking the Pet Info of a summoned pet and selecting the Perk Information tab.
    • Pet Perks reference the pet's "quickslot", this can be hidden or revealed via the "Show Pet Skill Slots" in the Game > Etc. options
  • Player Perk ranks can be checked through the Perk Information tab of the Character Info window.
  • Player Pet Points can be checked through the Pet/Partner Information window.
Effect Chart
Perk Pet Effect Player Effect
Blue Shield.png
Blue Shield
Creates a Mana Shield for the pet.
MP recovery, Magic Def/Prot to Pet and Party members's pets
Increases the player's pet's Magic Def/Prot
Bonding Ties.png
Bonding Ties
Shadow Mission completion EXP partially given to pet and party member pets Additional completion EXP for pet and party member pets
Frozen Earth.png
Frozen Earth
Creates an Ice Decal that damages and stuns enemies Perk Bonus Damage and Stun time
Healing Rays.png
Healing Rays
Makes the pet's Healing skill into an AOE HP/MP recovery effect for pets Delay between AOE Heals, Heal count bonus
Wild Frenzy.png
Wild Frenzy
Pet Min/Max/Critical Damage Pet Attack Delay reduction
Wings of Haste.png
Wings of Haste
Pet Movement Speed increase Master's Speed increase