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Category:Weaving Tools

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This category is for the production tools required in weaving.

  • When creating products via weaving either a loom or spinning wheel must be used. These tools cannot be equipped and either have fixed locations in towns (i.e., public tools) or can only be used in a player's residential area house (i.e., in-house tools).
    • Looms are use to create fabrics and silks.
    • Spinning Wheels are used to create all other weaving products.
  • When using a loom, both hands must be empty, however;
  • When using a spinning wheel, both hands must be empty except when making leather straps, then a Gathering Knife, Sickle or sword must be equipped in the right hand.
    • It would be better to use a Gathering Knife or Sickle instead of a sword. A sword would get a poor return in proficiency gained for durability lost, as compared to use in combat
  • Note: The silk and fabric weaving gloves are not considered tools, they are equipped but in the gloves slot and not in the right or left hand slot. Also, weaving tools are only those specifically meant for weaving, therefore a Gathering Knife, Sickle or sword (which are only required to produce leather straps) are not considered weaving tools.


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